Mun Ee Seafood Restaurant @Owen Road


A simple pre-SG50 long weekend zichar dinner at Owen Road.

PB brought me to this coffee shop called Bgain Eating House below Blk 46 Owen Road. This is an old estate but the carparks have already been upgraded to an electronic gantry if not we could have parked right in front of the coffee shop for a quick dinner with free parking.

Almost all the carparks in Singapore’s older housing estates are being upgraded to electronic gantries. Yeah to automation and nay to free parking. 😛

There are many food stalls in this coffeeshop but only the economic rice, rojak/popiah/muah chee stall and zichar stall are opened when we arrived at 8+pm.

Auntie preparing the order

Could not resist ordering the popiah. It is difficult to find cheap and good ones nowadays. I still remember a popiah only costs $0.80-$1 in 2000 but its price has since gone up to $1.40-$3 each.

Our lovely popiah, $1.50

Nicely moist, filled with turnips, eggs, peanuts, beansprouts, etc, without the skin tearing though a little plain and on the salty end.

Back to the zichar that we are here for.



Menu 0f Individual Items with Rice

Menu of Individual Noodles/Soup

Since there are only 2 of us, there is really little room for ordering many dishes so we ended up with the below (PB did the ordering while I went to self-service my popiah!)

Special Hor Fun (aka Moonlight Hor Fun), $5

Surprised to see that they offer it here as the last time I had it, it was in Malaysia! Nice, smooth and slippery. The tempertaure of the hor fun could have been higher or the raw yolk could have been cracked in earlier on the rice noodles to cook it a little.

PB’s Rice, $0.90.

When did price of white rice in coffee shop go up? (Re-looking at the bill, I probably have mistaken as they charged us for towels that we did not get and summed it with the rice as a single item)

Coffee Pork Ribs, $9

Worth a try though beware of certain parts with the hidden rib 😛

Our Bittergourd Soup, $4.50

Lots of ingredients in it and definitely value for money. Plus bittergourd is great to reduce the heatiness from the insanely hot weather!

This is called Ma Zhan Bean Curd, $8.50

 I do not know the origin of the name of the dish but it is basically claypot beancurd with roasted pork belly. A very savoury dish that goes very very well with rice! On its own, it may be a tad salty.

Our bill of $27.40

Overall a very filling meal! We sighted a lot of taxi uncles eating here too and that may explain the separate individual item menu that is usually not seen at other coffeeshops. Will be back in a bigger group to try those items on the recommended menu next time!

Mun Ee Seafood Restaurant
Blk 46 Owen Road,
Bgain Eating House,
Singapore 210046
Tel: 62986720

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