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It has been a while since I stepped into Chijmes and am pleasantly surprised how much more alive the place is now with so many restaurants to chillax in. Today’s gathering brought me to The Winery Tapas| Bar and I must say that it is a very good recommendation by my BIL and I am really happy with the food though in terms on pricing, it may not work well on my pocket to visit very frequently! 😛

Sighting of The Winery from where I approached.

Weekday promotion.

Good value I would say and nice to chillax in the courtyard as they have 2 big screens. I can imagine how crowded it would be when there are matches.

The Winery Menu – hot/cold tapas, paella, meat, dessert.

The Winery Menu – Drinks

Lots of wine to choose from to pair with the food.

Cold Tapas-Jamon Iberic Puro de Bellota, $40++ – Joselito Iberico Leg Ham cured for 48months.

Ham with red wine, thumbs up!

Hot Tapas-Mushroom Croquetas, $6++ (2 pieces) – Mushrooms (Ceps, White Button, Portabello) Croquettes with Aioli.

Inside of the Mushroom Croquetas.

Hot Tapas-Organic Padrones, $14++– Organic Spanish Padron Peppers Sprinkled with Maldon Sea Salt.

Hot Tapas-Huevos Estrellados Con Jamon Iberico, $14++ – Confit Roasted Potatoes with Fried Free Range Eggs, Jamon Iberico and Smoke Paprika

The service staff helping us to mix the ingredients up.

Simple but very savoury dish.

Cold Tapas-Heirloom Tomato Salad, $12++.

Assortment of Tomatoes with House dressing, Avocado Puree, Pickled Cucumber, Dehydrated Black Olive, Powder Basil Pesto and Dill.

Very refreshing dish.

Very nicely toasted bread.

Goes perfectly with the ham. Yumz….

Hot Tapas-Crispy Baby Squid, $12++ -Salt and Pepper fresh Baby Squid with Squid Ink Aioli.

Squid Ink Paella, S-$24/L-$38++.

Fresh Squid (in the rice), Clams, Wild Caught Prawns.

Service staff helping us to mix the paella.

My Black blok of squid ink paella. It was surprising tasty and everyone had a good laugh after eating this as our teeth became black! The degree of blackness depends on how you ate it. A dish not for first date. LOL..

Hot Tapas-Mini Wayu Burger, $10++ (2 pieces) 

Close up of my mini wagyu Burger.

Brioche Bun, Beef Patty, Caramelized Onion and Arugula

Still pink.

The highlight of the meal – 1/2 Cochinillo Asado, $168++ – Half Roasted Traditional Spanish Suckling Pig.

Cannot remember how old the specially selected piglet was but the size is perfect!

To some, it may be cruelty but this is the real world afterall isn’t it?

So tender that we can cut it with a plate.

Nicely chopped up and ready to serve.

Very juicy and tender.

The best part of the piglet according to the staff is the cheek and the ear.

My crackling with the fat removed. 😛


Spanish Torrija, $8++ -Spanish French Toast topped with Hazelnut Praline and Vanilla Ice Cream

Close up of the Spanish french toast.

Sundae Ice-Cream, $8++ – Vanilla Ice-cream with chocolate Crumb, chocolate sponge, caramel sauce, chocolate Tuile and honey comb. Different textures in different mouthfuls.

Definitely recommended to visit The Winery for their food, wine and excellent service. Call me if you need company! LOL

The Winery Tapas | Bar
30 Victoria St, #B1-05 Chijmes, Singapore 187996
Tel: 65538850



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