Sumire Yakitori House @Bugis Junction

The name of this Izakaya rings a bell but it was not until I did a search of my old blog post that I realised that I had actually visited one back in 2015! I had thought that I went to one during one of my Japan trips since they have been established in Tokyo since 2009! What did Covid do to me… hahaha. This outlet at Bugis Junction is located at the end near to Intercontinental Hotel. Try to locate IStudio or Tuk Tuk Chuk and cut through Flippers and you should be able to find it.

Entrance to Sumire Yakitori House with the main road in parallel to it.

Promotion and All you can drink at the entrance

View of the interior from where we were seated. Cannot really see the real action of the grilling as this is the near to the exit door. We had a big table to ourselves due to COVID SMM regulation.

Cabbage Shiodare – Cabbage with Japanese Dressing on the house

Sapporo Premium Beer (330ml), $4.90++ & Green Tea (Hot/Cold), $1++ to start our meal

Sashimi 5 Kinds (2 pax), $26.80++

Ikura – Salmon Roe

Hamachi sashimi – Fresh Yellow tail

Hotate – Scallops. *sorry for the blur pic

Salmon Sashimi

Maguro Sashimi – Tuna

Sumire Yakitori Platter (8 Skewers Shio and Tare, without liver and heart), $19.80++

Tomato Bacon

Mune Mentai Mayo

Pork belly

Enoki Bacon

Negima – Chicken with Leek

Momo – Chicken Thigh

Mune – Chicken Breast & Momo Green Pepper – Chicken Thigh Meat with Green Pepper

Gyu Kushi, $5.90++ with Wasabi Yuzu Dressing

Uzura Bacon Honey, $3.90++ Bacon and Boiled Quail Egg with Honey

Chipi Bacon, $5.90++ Japanese Green Peppers and Cheese Wrapped with Bacon

You have to eat this while it is hot but not too hot. Need to guage the right temperature of the cheese. HAHA

Enoki Bacon, $3.90++

Always a Favourite

Bakudan Korokke, $8.90++ Home Made Egg Potato Croquette

Cross section of the Potato Croquette with the onsen egg inside.

Good size for sharing as it will be too much if consume by one person.

Kawahagi Fish, $5.80++ – Dried Kawahagi fish with Mayo and Flying Fish Roe.

This goes so well with ice cold beer!

Tsukune (big) with Cheese, $4.90++

Chicken Meatballs are must order when you visit a yakitori place as every one has their own recipe for making this. We opted for the 2 big ones (supposedly for men) instead of 3 small ones (supposedly for women). Perfect with the cheese!

BIG Meatball for men and meatball for ladies.. LOL

Asparagus Bacon, $3.90++

Ebi Crunch Roll (4pcs), $9.90++ Roll Sushi with Prawn Tempura and Tobiko

There’ll definitely be space for DESSERTS!

Matcha Warabi Mochi Ice Cream, $5.80++

Matcha Ice Cream, $3.80++

Our total bill: $136.65 (inclusive of Service charge of $11.61 and GST of $8.94).

Definitely recommend to visit as we had a lovely time there. Service was prompt and staff were very helpful. Will be back again for some of the items that were out of stock!

Click here for their menu., Dinner Menu 

Sumire Yakitori House
80 Middle Road, #01-88/89, Bugis Junction, Singapore 188966
Opening Hours:
Mon – Thurs:
Lunch: 11.30am – 3.00pm (Last Order: 2.30pm),
Dinner: 5.00pm – 10.30pm (Last Order: 10.00pm)
Fri, Weekend, PH eve, PH: 11.30am – 10.30pm (Last Order: 10.00pm)
Tel: +65 6338 9963

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