Suki-ya すき屋@ Marina Square

December weather calls for plenty of pipping hot food to warm the stomach and the best meal would definitely be a steamboat with free flow of food! *over-eating again*

Racking our brains for hotpot places and Suki-Ya came to my mind as the food is decent and does not cause a big hole in the pocket.

Suki-Ya is located at level 2 of Marina Square at The Dining Edition area.

Poster advertising the extended variety of premium top ups of Waygu beef, Iberico Pork, Salmon, Half-shelled scallops and black mussels at an addition of $10.90++ per pax.

All you can eat Sukiyaki and Shabu-shabu. An additional of $3++ is charged on top of the existing price for Friday – Sunday, Public Holidays and eve of public holidays. Children from 5-12 years old are chargeable at children prices.

The sight that greeted us when we stepped into the restaurant.

Clever use of mirror to make the food looks twice as much!

Vegetables and processed food selection.

Variety looks very appetising but do not have my favourite enoki mushrooms!

The other side of the healthy bar.

Another view of the counter of food.

Woah.. nice focus on the ramen! Must-eat for me!

Sauces to make your dips.

The variety here is slightly different from the ones at Kallang Wave Mall

Ice cream are included in the dinner buffet. Take your pick from coconut, durian, chocolate and green tea.

Table Setting. Drinks are free flow at an additional $1++ per pax.

Our choice of soup –  Butaniku and Tonyu Miso, which we ordered before we were ushered to our seats.

Butaniku is a rich pork based soup which is great for a full-flavoured Shabu shabu experience. The tonyu miso, a wildly popular Japanese winter broth that combines miso and soya milk, was on the lighter side compared to the pork broth.

Selection from the healthy bar that I picked.

Love the colours on this plate!

Cheese balls are a must-eat! 😛

Our order of  2 x Iberico pork and 3 x Wagyu beef that was served to us.

Close up of the Iberico pork. A tad too fat yeah?

Wagyu beef. 

Close up of the wagyu beef with lots of fats!

Seafood from the Premium Top up – Salmon, black mussels and half-shelled scallops. 

Everyone who walked past our tables were eyeing our seafood and some of them even asked the auntie who was ever-topping up the healthy bar where to get the scallops! Hahaha..

This is one portion of half-shelled scallops and they are so good but served a tad too frozen. So you gotta be patient to wait for them to thaw before you cook them else you will either end up with a cold center or a super rubbery scallop which is not how you want to eat good scallops like these!

PB had a taste of the cold center when I asked to him to look after the scallop in the pot while I go get more vegetable before I had to jostle with a big tour group who entered the restaurant. He mistaken the instruction as eat it and hence… 😛


Dunking all the ingredients I got at the healthy bar into the twin hotpot!

The dip I made with a little of everything and plenty of spring onions since they do not have parsley from the sauce section.

My shabu-ed Iberico pork.

The plumb scallop cooked in the butaniku. Yumz.

Another view of the cooked vs raw scallops.

Our first round done waiting to be cleared.

My bowl of ramen in pork broth and dipping sauce.

The ramen has soaked up the pork broth and is so nice to slurp!

Close up of the cheese in the cheese balls. Be careful it is VERY HOT!

Our second round – 2 Iberico pork, 1 salmon, 2 scallops and 2 wagyu beef.

The premium beefs are still fat but with my dips, I feel that they are OK.

My shabu-ed wagyu swimming in my dip 😛

Scallops from the 2nd round – even more frozen than the first round.

Had to wait for all of them to thaw properly and decided cooked them all at once and hawked over their cooking time so that they are cooked just right and remain plumb and juicy!

Egg that PB requested – Onsen style and the yolk was still runny though the whites were a little too cooked.

My 80% poached egg in tonyu miso broth which was a little salty by this time.

How our hot pot looks like towards the end of our meal.. see that layer of oil on top of both? That is from our meats!

Ending the meal with dessert – ice cream!

Love the chocolate ones as there are chocolate bits in the ice cream. YUMZ <3

Tried the durian one as my friend’s kid loves it but it did not work for me 😛

Our damage for the meal after a 10% discount from DBS/POSB credit card. Averages out to approximately $43.55 per pax for the premium add-on. Given that the meat quality is better (though a bit too fat) and there are seafood for my hotpot, I feel that it is a pretty reasonable price to pay although for slow eaters, you may be impelled to eat faster as we were given the bill and last call for meats 60min into our meal. You are allowed to continue eating whatever you have ordered but remember that if you do implusive ordering and cannot finish the food, wastage will be charged.

6 Raffles Boulevard, #02-183B/C Marina Square, Singapore 039594
Tel: 63379969
Opening hours:

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