Suki-yaすき屋 @ Kallang Wave Mall

Trying out Suki-ya at Kallang Wave Mall and seriously not having too great an expectation since I was sorely disappointed at the meat quality when I dined in at the I12 Katong. However, I am proved so wrong today and enjoyed my meal thoroughly as they have an add-on option for premium waygu beef and Iberico pork (and scallops and salmon) which I did not hesitate to upgrade for $10.90++ more!

All you can eat Sukiyaki and Shabu-shabu (for more of their menu, click here)

Prices for adults are $18.90++ for lunch and $24.90++ for dinner. Children from 5-12 years old need to pay $14.90++ and $17.90++ for lunch and dinner respectively.  You get to choose 2 broth from the 5 soup bases available – Shabu Shabu, Sukiyaki, Tonyu Miso, Kimuchi and Butaniku, and have access to unlimited quality meat and their healthy bar!

Great variety of Balls, vegetables, noodles, etc at the healthy bar that you can help yourself to.

Our Butaniku and Kimuchi Soup Base.

Iberico Pork. 

The meats are delivered upon order so they are really kept fresh which is great! Order the number of portions to your liking but remember that wastage are chargeable so I suggest you get 1-2 at a time and order more once you finish.

Close up of the Iberico Pork. Thumbs Up.

Premium Waygu Beef

I am loving it!


Part of the seafood available with the premium add-on.

Our table full of food waiting for the soup to boil.

My Self Concocted dipping sauce – Just a little bit of everything 😉

Some of the items we helped ourselves to from the healthy bar. The cheese balls, ramen and enoki mushroom are my must-eat! 🙂

Waygu vs Waygu – Which one do you prefer?

Waygu that has more fats passed to us by our cols who do not eat beef but was served them despite repeat reminders to the service staff. It was a little no-point for the add-on for them as they kept getting served wagyu beef when they wanted the Iberico pork.

Close up of the Waygu with more fats.

Better marbling in the meat but I prefer mine with less fats.

Boiling soup ready for shabu shabu and too busy eating after that for cooked food pics! 😛

Big Scallops and Mussels that are part of the premium add-on too.

The scallops were pretty frozen and took many repeated request before they were served. Once thawed, they are really sweet and delicious.

More waygu!

This one has a bit of the vein but still way better than my previous experience with the normal beef which was full of veins and was hard and dry.

We love the scallops so much that we decided to order 4 portions of scallops all at one shot! LOL.. Too frozen and everyone had to wait for us to wait for it to thaw before we can cook and eat them.

Overall, definitely recommended to dine at Suki-ya with the premium add-on as the meats and seafood are really fresh. However, communication needs to be improved and service staff should understand that beef should not be served to patrons who cannot take them but have added on the premium so that they can enjoy the seafood and Iberico pork.

Suki-ya すき屋
Kallang Wave Mall
1 Stadium Place, #01-35, Singapore 397628
Tel: 6702 1752
Opening Hours: 11.30am to 10pm daily

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