Shimbashi Soba 新橋そば @Paragon Shopping Centre

Paragon basement is filled with restaurants and it is nice to see that Shimashi Soba is still here!

Restaurant entrance where you can see the making of the soba if timing is right
Special Set Menu

Had originally wanted to order the best seller Tempura Seiro which has 2x tiger prawn and vegetable tempura served with chilled soba with dipping sauce but after starving for alomst the entire day and seeing the special set menu, I picked out the Daiya Signature Bento as I was drawn to the combination and it has “seared Miyazaki Wagyu beef” and chawanmushi.

Daiya Signature Bentoディナー弁当 ダイアモンド, $44.80++

Unfortunately, they have ran out of chawanmushi at 8.30pm so it was replaced with Teriyaki Chicken instead.

Portion of teriyaki chicken that replaced my chawanmushi
Closed up of the warm soba from the set
A bit of everything-got beef, prawns, salmon and veg
Seared Miyazaki Wagyu beef
Close up of the seared Miyazaki Wagyu beef

I was a little disappoint at this as it wasn’t “seared” like what I had expected. It was tender and juicy nonetheless.

Tempura- one piece each of mushroom, pumpkin and prawn
Teriyaki Salmon
Fruit (Orange) part of the set
PB’s order of Beef Maze Soba ビーフまぜそば, $20.80++
Close up of the chilled soba and stewed beef
Soft boiled egg served in the homemade chilli oil dipping sauce

Of course the Beef Maze Soba wasn’t the only thing he ordered.

Fried Salmon Skin, $8.90++

The last portion of fried salmon skin that he had to chope while waiting for me to decide my mains.. haha

Sakura Ebi Karaage 桜海老からあげ, $12,80++
Close up of the deep fried sakura shrimps
Our drinks- Houjicha (ice/hot), $1.80++ each
Black Sesame Ice cream 黒ゴマアイスクリーム, $4.80++

Ending our meal with the goma ice cream as their soft serve are sold out! Their black sesame ice cream is rich and has nice sesame fragrance.

Dessert menu

Our damage came up to S$113.57 (inclusive of 10%GST of $9.56 and 8% GST of $8.41). Staff were very friendly and attentive and I see great team work amongst them during closing. 👍🏻

New year special

As the new year is approaching, they also offer a new year special menu for a limited time as part of tradition for symbolic prayer for longevity and health.

Another menu that we need to come earlier to try due to the limited portions per day!

Shimbashi Soba 新橋そば

Address: 290 Orchard Rd, Paragon Shopping Centre, #B1-41, Singapore 238859

Tel: 6735 9882
Opening Hours: Daily 11.30am to 10pm (Last order at 9pm)



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