Seoul Restaurant @ The Regent Hotel

Back to Seoul Restaurant located on level 3 of The Regent Hotel for the The Best Korean Charcoal BBQ in Singapore! This is truly one very good korean BBQ restaurant in Singapore to visit if you are craving for good meats! Consistent quality every time we visited! Banchan are nice too! Prices have gone up a little in this year but for the quality, it is still very worth it!

The Seoul Ala Carte Buffet Menu prices. Children above 90cm are chargeable.

The meat options for the normal buffet and Premium Buffet.

ala carte, stew and noodles dishes for the buffet.

A total of 34 items to choose from for dinner! Menu is available from the website as well.

Table Setting.

The side plate is smaller in size now which makes the table more spacious!

Dip for the pancake is provided for each pax as well instead of a shared one previously.

Banchan, lettuce and fruits that you can help yourself to.

Simply love the potato salad and kimchi! The rest of the banchan may vary depending on your visit.

We ordered 1 portion of (Samgyeopsal) Sliced pork belly and (Dwaeji-Galbi)Sliced Pork Jowl Steak and 2 portions of beef (Yangnyeom Galbisal) Marinated Beef Boneless Short Rib in seasoned soy sauce, Galbisal-Boneless Beef Short Rib and (LA Galbi) Marinated Beef Bone-in short rib with different cutting style in seasoned Soy sauce and were totally satisfied!

Cannot remember if we love the spicy or soy sauce chicken and PB said to try the (Maewun-Chicken) Marinated Chicken in hot and spicy sauce  this round and both of us were “burnt” by the spiciness! LOL The portion looks bigger than what we had last time as well!

(Haemul-pajeon) Korean Pancake with Spring onion, finely chopped squid and prawn

Crispy and nice!

Starting the grill with the non-marinated meats – Sliced pork belly , Sliced Pork Jowl Steak and Boneless Beef Short Rib.

(Mul-naengmyeon) Chilled Buckwheat Noodle Soup (cold)

Tried this the last round when i “taxed” a few strands from my nephew and decided to order one on my own this time round as I overheard another group of customers recommending their cold noodles to their friends. 😛

Close up of the bowl of cold buckwheat noodles topped with a slice of pear! Very refreshing indeed though I am a “piping hot noodle” person any time!

Love the texture of the noodles.

Grilling the LA Galbi that is available only for dinner

The cooked look.

Cut into bite size piece.

That is about all the pics that I took today! 😛 Need to eat quickly before PB finishes all the grilled meats! Prob need to up my eating speed! 😛

Our damage for 2 for the night came up to SGD$166.89 after adding 10% Service charge and 7% GST. Definitely worth the recommendation to come and try at least one.. maybe then you may be hooked, for life! LOL

Seoul Restaurant
1 Cuscaden Road, #03-02,The Regent Hotel, Singapore 249715
Tel: +65 63388548
Opening hours: Click here 


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