Q-WA Izakaya @ Beach Road

Trying out somewhere new thanks to the 30-50% weekend discount from Eatigo! If you still do not have the app, you can sign up from the link here to get $10 if you sign up and attend your first reservation this July! Was browsing through the app, shortlisted it and PB was actually OK to try it out hence here we are at Q-WA Izakaya at Beach Road!

Interior from where I was seated. Typical of a Izakya to be decorated with all the sake bottles.

Menu – There are actually 2 outlets, one at East Coast Road and the other at the one we are at.

Menu -Light Bites

Menu – Yakimono

Menu – Yakimono, Rice and Noodles.

Menu – Chef Selection.

Looks pretty value for money but not applicable for us.

Menu – Sake, Beer, Shochu, whisky, etc.

Our Drinks – Half Pint of Asahi Super Dry, $7++, for me and Ice Green Tea, $2.90++,for PB.

There is actually a happy hour price for the beer but since we are receiving the Eatigo discount, the Happy Hour price does not apply.

Half Pint of Asahi Dry, $7++. So refreshing!

Chuuka Kurage (Jelly Fish), $6.90++

The portion was really very small! Had to make PB eat it piece by piece else it would be gone in 2 of his normal eating portion!

Eihire (Stingray Fin) , $12.80++

Really like this. Very nice and definitely recommended to order. Not many places make this though and it goes really really well with ice cold beer!

Pork Katsu Cheese (Pork Cutlet + Cheese), $14.90++

Saw many tables ordering this and had to add it to our order. Look at the cheese in it! Love cheese and you will love this!

Nankotsu (Chicken Cartilage), $3.60++ per stick

First time I am trying Grilled Chicken Cartilage and it comes with some chicken meat here. Smoky, crunchy and juicy all at once.

Tomato Maki (Cherry Tomato Bacon), $3.20++ per stick

Be careful when biting into this as the hot sweet juicy tomato will burst out!

Tsukune (Chicken Meatball), $3.60++ per stick

Who doesn’t order a Tsukune when they go to a yakitori place?

Asupara Maki (Asparagus Bacon), $3.60++ per stick

All time fav.

Enoki Gyu (Golden Mushroom Beef), $4.80++ per stick

Another all time fav.

Yaki Shio (Beef with Salt and Pepper), $5.90++ per stick

Yaki Onigiri (Grilled Rice Ball), $6.90++

PB’s “will-order” when he sees this available in the menu. Guess the one I grilled for him still tops the list. 😛

Hotate (Scallops), $12.80++

Torikawa (Chicken Skin) , $2.90++ and Asupara Gyu (Asparagus Beef), $4.90++ per stick

Close up of the chicken skin,  Did not taste it as I usually takes the skin off my chicken so cannot really image eating it. LOL

More order of PB’s fav – Chicken Cartilage

Shiitake Maki (Mushroom Cheese Bacon), $3.30++ per stick

This does not look so nice but it tasted quite good. Interesting combination of mushroom, cheese and bacon.

Another half pint of cold beer to accompany our second round of orders and to wash down all the salt. Haha..

PB’s order of Potetochipppusu (Potato Chips), $5.80++ which was quite a disappointment, We had expected it to be the crispy kind but it was basically grilled potaotes.

Butabara (Pork Belly Shio), $2.90++, Negima (Chicken with Leek), $2.90++ and Tebasaki (Chicken Wing), $2.90++ per stick

The other view.

Complimentary squid feelers towards the end of our meal.

Pano view of the cosy interior.

Our damage for the night after applying the 30% which the Izakaya was nice enough to give to us as we were late for the Eatigo appointment which would have given us a 50% discount. Calls to the restaurant number was invalid and FB message to them were also not answered so we were not able to inform that that we were late.  Overall a nice place to chill with friends though prices would have been a little steep if not for the discounts.

Q-WA Izakaya
103 Beach Road, #01-02,
Sinapore 189704
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/qwaizakaya1/c

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