Nan Hua Chang Seafood Restaurant 南華昌海鮮魚頭爐 @ Crawford Lane

Part 3 of the celebration with a Steaming Hot Charcoal Steamboat for dinner!

Checking out Nan Hua Chang Seafood Steamboat Restaurant for its Charcoal Fish Steamboat. We were a little apprehensive as we could not find any recent reviews of the place on google and was wondering what happened. However, our fears were unfounded as the place was bustling and the food was good too! No need for any more publicity to bring the crowds in! hahaha

Table setting with with menu featuring the different fishes for their steamboat.

Menu with the address and the location map.

It is pretty near to the ICA building and the nearest MRT station would be EW11-Lavender.


4 different fishes (Pomfret, Red Snapper, Grouper and Dong Fish) to choose from for your charcoal steamboat and lots of other dishes to add to your meal.

Simple 2 page menu with 48 zichar style dishes (meats, eggs, beancurd and vegetables) to choose from.  🙂

For a clearer view of the menu, click here

Fresh Coconut to start my meal

The Tang O we added. A tad shocked at the price as it cost $6 for this plate.

Enoki Mushroom, $6

Crispy Beancurd 金块豆腐($12/16/20)

Close up of the lovely toufu that the children loved!

Charcoal Grouper Fish Steamboat 石斑炭炉 (5-6 pax, $60)

Steaming hot and filled with charcoal waiting to burn up.

Ingredients in the Steamboat.

There were cabbage, yam, seaweed and lots of fish in the  lovely sweet soup.

Thick chunks of perfectly cooked Grouper!

Triple Egg Spinach ($12/16/20)

Close up of the Century Egg, Salted Egg, Egg and Spinach.

The picture is blurred from the steam emitting from the dish! 😛

Apple Chicken Chop 苹果鸡扒 ($12/16/20)

Refreshing green apples on top of the crispy chicken chop.

We found the dish a tad dry but there was actually a dish of sauce by the side that all of us missed! LOL

It was supposed to be a sweet and sour sauce that they had put by the side so that the children at our tables can enjoy the food too!

Braised Pork Intestines卤汁大肠 ($12/16/20)

Close up of the braised intestines.

Deep Fried Yam Ring ($20/30)

Close up of the Yam Ring filled with plenty of ingredients like chicken, prawn, cashew nuts, etc.

I like the taste of the yam rings here.

Crispy Prawn Roll 脆皮虾枣 ($12/16/20)

Dip it in the sweet sauce for additional flavour.

Braised Duck with Sea Cucumber, $28

This dish was recommended by the service staff and it was good. You do not need much effort to tear the meat of the duck away from the bone. I did not try the sea cucumber here as I am not a fan of it.

Deep Fried Crispy Squid 炸苏东仔 ($12/16/20)

Close up of the Deep Fried Squid.

They almost missed out this dish and I am glad we ask for it as it was really crispy! Where is my beer? 😛

Our damage for the night.  🙂

Overall a great place for group dining as there is a good variety of food to choose from and the charcoal fish steamboat did not disappoint! 🙂

Nan Hua Chang Seafood Restaurant 南華昌海鮮魚頭爐
Block 462 Crawford Lane, #01-69/71, Singapore 190462
Tel: +65 62964533
Opening Hours (did not see it stated anyway so please call them to enquire)

Reservations recommended especially for big groups.

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