Macau – Fu Lu Shou Mei Shi 福祿壽美食

What do you eat when you go to Macau/Macao? Looking for something different other than the usual must-eat macau food like Lord Stow’s Portuguese Egg Tart, Pork Chop Bun, Prawn Roe Noodles, Milk Custard,etc? I chanced upon an TV program featuring a Watermelon Lobster Hotpot 西瓜龙虾煲 and into my “must-eat” list it goes for my trip to Macau! Thankful that my sister was agreeable to hunting this down too and making the tasting happen!

Took us some effort to look for the actual address of Fu Lu Shou Mei Shi 福祿壽美食 as being tourists, we were really unfamiliar with Macao and from the online searches we did, the addresses listed were different! OMG.. The tip we found out from the local was to use the phone number as the search criteria and that would give you the most accurate address which is from FB! 😛 (A check with the boss revealed that they really did relocate!) We took a cab from Venetian Macau (cant remember how much, not too ex if I didn’t remember wrongly) and we were dropped right outside the restaurant.

Menu – Steamboat

Menu here is really simple. Paper menu printed on both sides listing all the items in Chinese. Sorry folks, if you cannot read the Chinese Characters, there ain’t much pictures to help you.

Menu – Stir fry

Promotion Menu for the individual items with rice/noodle items (something like Singapore Zichar) costing MOP28 (~SGD4.82) each. For an additional MOP10, you get stewed herbal chicken feet and vegetables! Good value for money!

Promotion Menu

Looks so good but with only 2 stomachs available, gotta give them a missed…:(

Blue Girl Pilsener Lager Bier, MOP25 (~SGD 4.31)

Light and refreshing and feels so good since we haven’t had a drop of water for hours!

The thirst quenching jug of watermelon juice from our Watermelon Hotpot!

Nothing is wasted here! Flesh of the water melon is juiced and served to the customer and the rind goes into the hotpot aka da-bin-lou 打边炉 as what the locals call steamboat here to stew.

Watermelon Lobster Hotpot 西瓜龙虾煲, MOP 278 (~SGD47.93) nett!

Top view of the Watermelon Lobster Hotpot.

Clams, prawns and lobster are lightly cooked before they are served in the watermelon hotpot with white broth made from stewing pork bones and coconut milk.

Close up of the lightly cooked prawns, lobster, clams and watermelon hotpot.

Could smell the light fragrant of the coconut as the soup boils. 😉

Service staff helping us to cut up the watermelon to stew in the soup.

Nicely cut up watermelon in the hotpot looking pretty with all the fresh seafood!

Close up of seafood in the pot!

Homemade Deep-fried Beancurd Skin, MOP38 (~SGD 6.55)

Another view of the homemade beancurd skin.

Close up of the perfectly cooked clam!

It was so good that I cannot help taking more pic of it! So fresh, sweet and so translucently good! Not sure if the soup made a difference to its taste or its own freshness stood out on its own!

Our spread for 2!

“One Mouth Silky Toufu” 一口豆腐, MOP48 (~SGD8.26)

This dish is a MUST-ORDER and to be eaten while it is hot!

Imagine silky smooth toufu enveloped by a crispy flavoured coat that is the perfect size for a mouthful. Nice to keep popping into your mouth but be warned that it is very hot when served! Dip into some mayonnaise if you like some savoury eggy taste to the toufu.  Why do we not have this in Singapore?

Close up of the lobster

Close up of the de-shelled prawn.

Prawn with a lot of roes on its legs! :O

De-shelled Lobster claw!

The live clams were so good that we added an extra portion of 600gram at MOP68 (~SGD11.72)

Close up of the cooked live clams.

Still very intrigue by the translucent body and the lips.

One more view! 😀

Stewed Thinly sliced watermelon rind.

Many would find it weird eating the watermelon rind as it is something that most of us discard after cutting out the flesh. But after stewing it in the soup, it tasted just like wintermelon. 😛

Nicely stewed watermelon rind in the soup.

The rind has soaked up the soup and if you stew it really hard, it will just melt in your mouth! A perfect dish for summer!

The soup was so good that we lapped it all up!

The bowl of freshing yet full of collagen soup that makes your lips stick to each other! Haha..

Our damage for the night for a seafood hotpot feast – MOP457 (~SGD78.79). Good value for the freshness.

The live seafood as we exited the restaurant.

Close up of another type of clams

The very lively clams that we ate.

Namecard – Front


Delivery is available too!

Address: 河邊新街268號豐順新邨第二座地下A,B鋪
Tel: +853 6308 0369
Opening Hours: Lunch/Tea:10am to 3pm, Dinner/Supper:6pm till customer is done drinking! 😛

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