Love in the Pot 美颜锅 @ Holland Village

Craving for hot pot again and this time, I had not one nor 2 but 4 soup bases!

Checking out Love in the Pot at Holland Village as I chanced upon a promotion on Perx with Ezlink where I can get a free Collagen Beauty Soup Base 美颜汤底 with my points but instead of using that, we used their FB promotion to get a better discount and enjoy more soup bases!

Lovely interior.

Table setting.

Ordering via a tablet has become the de-facto in restaurants but if you are uncomfortable with using it, you can still refer to the traditional menu and order through the friendly staff.


Menu – Collagen Beauty Soup 美颜汤底 and Spicy (Mala) Soup Base 麻辣汤底.

Highly recommended by the restaurant.

Menu – Tom Yum 冬荫汤底, Bak Kut Teh 肉骨茶, Chicken Soup Base上等鸡汤 , etc.

Menu – Meats (Beef and Pork Slices)

Menu – Seafood

Menu – Seafood

Menu – Handmade Balls and Yong Tau Foo (YTF)

Menu – Mushrooms and Vegetables

Menu – Noodles, dumplings, others

Menu – Beer and Drinks

Preview of order on the Samsung tablet.

View of the kitchen where big pots of soup are boiling!

You can help yourselves to the sauces and appetisers at the counter, ($3+ per pax, free flow)

Close up of the sauces

Love the big head bean sprouts here!

What we helped ourselves to! 🙂

My “sauce”.

Our 4 soup bases hot pot!

Close up of the soup based from bottom right,clockwise: Mala麻辣, Collagen Beauty美颜, Bak Kut Teh肉骨茶 and Herbal Chicken药草鸡.

Close up of the Herbal Chicken Soup Base 药草鸡汤

Herbs in the soup

The Spicy Soup Base 麻辣汤底.

Looks hot but still drinkable! 😛

The collagen beauty soup base 美颜汤底  which is the must order when you are here. See the collagen solidifying on top.

Plenty of ingredients go into the making this soup and you should try it before adding any ingredients to it.

The Bak Kut Teh Soup Base 肉骨茶汤底

There are really pork ribs in the soup for you to eat!

Another piece!

Some of our orders served very quickly!

Chrysanthemun, Big-$8+

USA Beef Slice, Small-$9+

Looks like a beef ice kacang right? 😛 Interesting presentation but the beef was a little too fat for my liking but there are people who like it this way as it just melts in your mouth after cooking.

Black Fungus 黑木耳, Small-$3+

Fish Paste 鱼滑, $12+

The auntie will help you to add the fish paste into whatever soup base you want.

Wide Noodles 宽粉, Small-$3+

Another view of the noodle.

I like to cook this in the mala soup until it is translucent and has soak up the soup!

Golden Ring Roll 金铃卷, Small-$7+

Tiger Prawn老虎虾, Small-$12+

Live Bullfrog 活牛蛙, Small-$6+

Another view of the raw bullfrog.

I am not a bullfrog person but had some to try and it was very very fresh indeed.

My cooked fatty USA Beef slice dunk into my sauce.

My way of eating the golden ring roll 😛

It is basically one big piece of beacurd skill rolled to make a ring.

Our damage for the night after their Facebook promotion discount ;P.

Overall, a nice place to enjoy a nice quiet late night steamboat dinner in Holland village. If you want to have the topup of the original soup base (at additional charge), do let the staff know if not, your soup will probbaly taste similar after a few rounds of topup. Love in the Pot do run promotions on their FB page so do check it out to enjoy them! Happy Eating!

Love in the Pot 美颜锅
18 Lorong Mambong, Holland Village, Singapore 277678
Tel: +65 64631003
Opening hours: Check out their FB or ring them 🙂

For clearer pic of the menu or the full set of photos in this post, click here

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