Lao You Ji Fishhead Steamboat and Seafood Restaurant 老友记鱼头炉海鲜煮炒餐室

Pretty amazed at how time flies! It is now 5 months into 2022 with plenty of changes to how everyone copes with Covid-19, from fearing it to accepting it and even embracing it as part of life! Dining rules was finally relaxed, allowing bigger groups to eat out at restaurant and finally now, no more restriction (yeah!)! Of course with this relaxation, it would also mean that you cannot just walk into any restaurants you fancy and expect to get a table, so do book in advance!

With technology being so advanced now, things are definitely moving at a faster pace with many site updates almost real time now but my blog post has not caught up with time! hahaha.. I do apologise for it but I have not stopped eating! Tonnes of pictures in my photo but probably not as well framed as I would like it to be as I am getting tired or should I say lazy! 😛 Frankly speaking, to do “real time” updates, I would really have to change my perfectionism and also to find a method that I can just “throw” the pictures into the website. If you have any, please share with me in the comments. So until then, it will still be backdated selection of  food photos I had.

Haven’t log in for soooo long and again, I forgot how to login, how to tag my photos, etc. hahahaha.. am I getting old or is it brain fog? Anyway, doing a quick sharing of this restaurant that we have been visiting (tabao-ing should be more correct) during Covid and bringing our friends there for a super late dinner after they came back from the Causeway-1st visit after 2 years!

Refreshed Menu

Looks so much better and cleaner. They are famous for the fishhead steamboat but we have yet to try it. With the new menu, price has also gone up a bit but who has not increase price recently?

Menu – Fish and Fried Dishes

Menu – Seafood (Abalone, Oysters, Lobsters, Geoduck, Bamboo Clam. Crab, Shark Fin)

Menu – Meat (Pork, Beef, Venison, Duck, Chicken)

Menu – Main Course (Rice, Noodles, Congee, Hor Fun, Bee Hoon)

Claypot Herbal Live Prawns, Small-$20
The prawns are very fresh and I really like this though the flavour of the soup may vary a little depending on how long it is simmered before you scoop it out.

Sliced Fish with fried Chilli 宫保鱼片, Small-$14
Plenty of sliced fish on this plate!

Deep Fried Baby Sotong, Small – $10
Crispy and yummy.. where’s my beer? LOL

Fried Bee Hoon With Fish Gravy鱼露米粉, Medium-$10
This is their signature dish but the english name should read Fried Bee Hoon with Fish Sauce instead of fish gravy. The first time we ate this, we were wondering if the wrong dish was served as we couldn’t find the “gravy”! Haha

Claypot beancurd, Small-$ 12
Oooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh… hvnt had this dish for super long since it is not suitable to tabao and hard to finish for 2 pax! Love how nicely browned the exterior of the egg toufu is and its soft silky interior.

Prawn Paste Chicken虾酱鸡, Small-$12
Cannot go wrong with this. Its all mid-joint and we had more than 2 pieces each.

XO French Beans, Small-$12
We had originally wanted the sambal kang kong but they ran out of it so we ordered this instead. The french beans were fat and sweet and the ikan on top provided the svaouriness to the dish.

Our spread that came fast and furious and luckily, the table we were seated at was big enough for all of them!

Just as we thought they had forgotten our order of the clams, it arrived!

Garlic Style Bamboo Clams with Vermicelli 蒜蓉冬粉蒸竹蚌, $12/piece

I was not a bamboo clam person but the freshness of this and seeing how PB enjoys this has converted me!

The damage for our spread. Good value and we should definitely come back to try the fish head steamboat!

Lao You Ji Fishhead Steamboat and Seafood Restaurant 老友记鱼头炉海鲜煮炒餐室
243 Outram Road, Singapore 169046
Opening Hours: 5pm – 5am
Telephone: 62215280 / 63232210

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