Khao Hom by Rung Mama @AMK, Djitsun Mall

Check out this hidden gem in AMK nestled in Djitsun Mall!

Entrance to the restaurant in the mall and queue forming outside though it is past peak lunch time.

Thanks to a friend recommendation that we found this hidden gem and got to relive our girls Thai trip since we could not travel yet!


You can scan a QR code for the digital menu as it is all the rage now since Covid but I still like to flip physical menu as they highlight what are the must eat and pictorial representation are just so much nicer than words. hahaha

Brief Introduction to Khao Hom Menu – Appetizer-GrillMenu – Main-Fried

Menu – Main-Soup and Curry

Menu – Main-Rice and Noodles

Menu – Desserts- Fruity

For the full menu with prices (correct as of April 2022), click here

Homemade Thai Iced Milk Tea ชานมเย็น, $4++
I had requested for less ice and they truly honour the less ice so my ice milk tea was really gao gao! Hibiscus tea in the background
Grilled Pork with Homemade Sauce หมูย่าง MOO YANG, $12++

Close up of the grilled pork. 

Juicy and good with the sauce!

Close up of the lovely Pad Thai.

So simple, so perfectly cook and taste so good!

I am not a big fan of squid but this was quite nicely grilled. Definitely not rubbery.

This was voted over the grilled pork hahaha

The omelette was perfectly fried to a golden brown which many of us find it hard to make at home.

Cutting open the omelette to find chunks of Crab meat inside! Shiok! It can get a bit oily though so polish off while it is hot!

Our table soooo full of food and we kept having to clear plates to make way for more! It was so enjoyable and such a nice relive of our Thailand Trip!

Dessert Time! Our spread of desserts since everyone wanted a little of something. 😛

Coconut Gelato with Red Ruby ไอศรีมเจลาโต้มะพร้าวกับทับทิมกรอบ CE LA TO MAPHRAW THAPTHUM KROP, $7++ 

Chunky Rubies and you can taste the real thing! Thumbs up!

We had requested for the gelato to be by the side as some of them did not want it but I wanted it 😛 after tasting it, all of us agree that gelato is very nice and it was a good choice ordering it!

Our damage for the day for the variety of food we had!

Definitely recommended! and gotta timed the meal  to avoid queuing! 😛

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