Happy 54th Birthday Singapore with Local-licious @ elemen 元素, Great World City

Happy 54th Birthday Singapore! We celebrated it with a 8 course meatless (aka vegetarian) dinner called Local-licious at the newly opened elemen 元素 at Level 1 of Great World City!

The menu at the entrance that lured us into the restaurant.

I have previously visited elemen  at Millenia Walk and like how vegetarian food is no longer boring with their presentation and usage and hence my interest was piqued by how a meatless version of our local delight would taste like so in we go to celebrate the nation’s 54th Birthday with elemen’s specially curated 8 course menu.

Mouth watering dishes yeah? Old school chocolate biscuits and hawthorn are not part of the menu.

The specially created 8 course set menu at $38.80++ is available from 9 July to 31 August 2019.

1st Course – Elemen Singapura Appetiser

This dish represents 3 races in Singapore. Can you guess what each of them represents? 😛 The order of consumption is as below:

Carrot cake with Cheese

Mushroom with some spicy sauce like eating a satay

Potato with Peanut sauce

The appetisers were pleasant enough though the carrot cake was too mochi like, not a texture that I would have paired with cheese.

2nd course – Salted Egg Popiah

A healthy version of the popiah skin was used so there was more bite to it. The salted egg sauce was used so sparingly that it would have gone unnoticed.

3rd Course – Shroom Kut Teh Consommé

Close of the ravioli and crispy you tiao (dough fritters)

I was expecting a clear soup as it was supposed to be a Shroom Kut Teh Consommé but it came gao gao, as thick broth full of flavour. Love the Chinese herb taste in this and you just have to dip the you tiao to soak up all the goodness.

4th and 5th Course – Golden Mantou with Spicy Chilli SauceBandung Sorbet

The 4th and 5th course came together and it was after having the 4th course that we knew why they came together!

Golden Mantou that was soft and fluffy on the inside and a perfect paring with the spicy chilli sauce. And SPICY the sauce really was that beads of sweat came out on my forehead. As for PB, the sauce was literally left un-dipped. LOL

The saviour, in the form of a bandung sorbet, to cut the spiciness. LOL

6th Course – Hainanese Style Risotto

Love how this dish was presented but after the golden mantou and spicy chilli sauce, I was a bit scared when I saw the chilli sauce in this dish but thankfully, it was not that spicy.

7th course – Soy Milk with Gula Melaka

Fishing out the gula melaka with the paper straw.

The soya milk was a bit watered down with all the ice and there was not enough gula melaka taste in the drink. My first time using paper straw in a restaurant and I did not like how it interacted with my drink. A full omission may have up the enjoyment factor instead.

8th (and final) Course – Min Jiang Kueh Crepe Cake

Love their take and play on the min jiang kueh using crepes. Lovely cake that is not overly sweet and the scattered crushed roasted peanuts around the crepe helped to cut the richness from the cream! If not for a stomach full of water to douse the flame from the spicy chilli sauce, would have polished it off!

Our damage for the night for 2, with a 8 course Local-licious set each, came up to $91.34 after 10% Service Charge and 7% GST.  The menu is innovative but on hindsight, for the quality and quantity, $38.80++ per pax may be a bit steep. I would recommend to try their normal set courses instead. You can opt to join their membership for perks like 2 x $15 welcome voucher, 10% rebate for every purchase, exclusive offers and invites, etc. For more info, you may visit their rewards website. For their full menu, you may view it from elemen website or from my pics.

Elemen 元素
1 Kim Seng Promenade, Great World City, #01-122, Singapore 237994
Website: http://www.elemen.com.sg/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/elemensg/

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