Gyu Jin 牛陣 Shabu Shabu & Sukiyaki @ 100AM Mall, Tanjong Pagar

Back at itadakimasu by PARCO at 100AM Mall again and this time, it is to try out Shabu Shabu Gyu Jin and it has to be nothing but the best for PB!

Gyu Jin Shabu Shabu is right beside Yakiniku Heijoen on L3 which we tried last week. The restaurant was full on a friday night and we had to queue and hijack a service staff to check how long the wait time would be.

Entrance of the Restaurant

It offers ALL-You-Can-Eat 3 Courses (Meat, Vegetable and Ice Cream) shabu shabu or sukiyaki and you can choose from Standard Course (American Beef), Australian-Wagyu Course or Gyu-jin Course (Japanese First Class Wagyu) which is priced at $31.90++, $40.90++ and $72.90++ per adult respectively.  Pre-schoolers from 3-6 yrs old eat at $6.25++/pax only which is really steal!

View of the free-flow vegetables bar from the entrance where we stood.

Close up of the array of vegetables available. Pretty decent selection I would say.

Condiments to make your dipping sauce.

Coffee/tea/soda fountain are not included in the buffet but you can get it free-flow at an additional of $6.90++. Ice water and hot tea are available and you need to take it yourself.

Free-flow King’s Ice Cream – Matcha, Mango, Vanilla and Strawberry

Pot of Japanese Curry!

Japanese Rice topped with Japanese curry.

This is free flow too but I only got a mouthful of it before PB polishes everything off and I did not bother to go get more. 😛

Cultery, sauces and bowls on the table.

The menu is really simple, choose 2 out of 5 dashi options (Hidaka Kelp Dashi, Yuzu Salt Dashi, Savoury and Spicy Dashi, Suki Dashi and Creamy Salt Rice Malt Dashi) for your shabu shabu, then beef from which country you like and that’s it. Each course has options of pork ribs, pork loin and chicken thighs too and the duration of the meal varies from 70min – 90min.

We went with the recommended Suki Dashi and Yuzu Salt Dashi and the pot was served with only 1/4 broth in the pot, probably to help it boil faster??

Another view of the vegetable corner. Do note that a fee may be imposed on wastage.

Pumpkin and Mushrooms

Toufu, fishcake, Crab stick, radish, black fungus, konjac noodle and deep-fried beancurd puffs.

Assortment of vegetables.

The vegetables with the hotpot with the arrival of the Japanese First Class Wagyu!

OMG.. Look at that marbling!

We ordered 3 portions of wagyu and the marbling on every plate was consistent!

3rd tray of Wagyu. All Sliced upon order! *Thumbs up*

Kurobuta Pork

My “Japanese” dipping sauce as there were grated radish, lots of spring onions and whatever that was left in the parsley container and some cut chilli 😛

Having the wagyu in the dipping sauce which can be easily skipped if you want to enjoy the full flavour of the wagyu. 😀

Kurobuta Pork in the sauce. Yummy too but the beef was better!

Shabu-ed Wagyu!

Like shabu-ing the wagyu in the yuzu salt dashi as it does not overpower the taste of the beef like the suki dashi will. Do not detect the yuzu too though. Maybe it was really overpowered by the sweet suki dashi.

Our 2nd round of order and this is what you get when you leave the table to get more vegetable and left the ordering to the man! Instead of 4 trays, you get 7!

My 2nd helping of “vegetables”. Lovely when cooked in the suki dashi.


Chicken Thighs. 

Somehow this looks like a piece of art to me. LOL

Pork belly

2nd round of meats and a steamboat pot fully of oil from the meats.

You can tell where we prefer to cook the vegetables and where to shabu the meats. 😛

Cooked vegetables that have soaked up the sweet suki dashi.

The unique laden where there is a sieve at the bottom to let the broth drip out while trapping the oil and scums to discard.

Wagyu taking a bath as in the hot yuzu salt dashi.

Thinly sliced and very tender pork belly.

Ice cream to round up the meal.

Our damage for 2 pax came up to SGD $171.61 after adding 10% service charge and 7% GST.  I found it a little expensive but for the consistent quality of the wagyu, it is a good treat if you cannot fly to Japan for the real ones!

If you wanna save some money and enjoy the same quality food but do not mind eating faster, you can consider their 50min lunch buffet which has the Japanese wagyu course priced at $56.90++ per adult, a saving of $16++ from the dinner price!

Gyu Jin 牛陣 Shabu Shabu & Sukiyaki
100 Tras Street, #03-10,
100AM Mall, itadakimasu by PARCO
Singapore 079027
Tel: 65381820
Opening hours: Daily – Lunch: 11am to 3pm, Dinner: 5pm to 10pm , LO at 9.30pm

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