First Anniversary Opening Special @ Nadai Fujisoba Ni-Hachi 名代富士そば @ 100AM, Tras Street

First anniversary opening special promotion menu at Fujisoba Nihachi and I am so glad that I got to enjoy it!

The weather has been erratic recently, turning from very hot to very cold in a matter of minutes and it does make one appetite go hay-wire too! However, a simple bowl of pipping hot soba never fails to perk me up and whet my appetite!

Poster advertising their new dishes.

Definitely looks enticing specially the fried soba with seafood sauce. It looks something like our “sheng mian” aka crispy noodle and I really need one more person to come and help me eat it! 😛

Cashier all decked out with Christmas deco 🙂

Entrance to the Restaurant.

Table setting.

Chopsticks and wet hand towels, no dry ones.

Chilli powder, toothpicks, bonito soup and facebook promo on the table.

Upload a dish and check in to Facebook to enjoy a match pudding for this week. Why not? 🙂

My Green Tea, $2++

Decided to take a flip at their menu (it has become a filo form, maybe a new menu is on the way!) and they have included an introduction on how to enjoy a warm soba. Nice gesture and I learnt something new too! Did not know that there is a recommended order to eat the soba to fully enjoy it! Now i know! Also the part about not chewing it fully to enjoy nodogoshi… wow..

How to enjoy mori soba (dipping soba)

Niku-Fuji Soba, $8.88++ (org price of $19++)

Took a while for my lunch to be served. I guess it was due to the restaurant running at full capacity and hence the much slower service.  You can also be assured that your order are all freshly prepared and not pre-prepared and sitting there waiting to be served.

Close up of the simple but very satisfying meal.

Love the tenderness of the beef and despite being in the soup, it was flavoursome!

The onsen egg.

The free matcha pudding I received for checking in on Facebook.

A tiny cup but so rich, creamy and full of matcha taste that the portion is just perfect.

Close up of the match pudding. Yumz..

Nadai Fuji Soba Ni-Hachi 名代富士そば 
100 Tras Street, #03-14, 100AM, Singapore 079027
Opening Hours:
Lunch: 11am – 3pm, Dinner: 5.30pm – 10pm
itadakimasu Website:
itadakimasu facebook:
Fuji Soba Website :
Fuji Soba Facebook:

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