Elixir Health Pot 無老鍋 (Wu Lao Guo) @ Taipei, Taiwan

This is another must eat hot pot when you are in Taiwan, highly recommended by my sister’s Taiwanese friend!

Never ever had I image that I would be eating mala hotpot at 1+am??!!! But yes, the restaurant is opened till 4am to cater to the party goers who feels hungry after all that partying. This restaurant has a few outlets and I cannot remember which outlet in Taipei that we went to but rest assured that the quality and standard should be the same no matter which outlet you go to.

View of the exterior. It was a very wet and cold night! Great for steamboat!

The restaurant has a very zen feel and the service was superb! We told the staff that it was very cold and they brought us blankets to keep ourselves warm in the restaurant. Never ever had this kind of service in Singapore!

Cover of Menu

Am very enticed by the menu but having a heavy meal after drinking and at wee hours of the night seriously does not go together hence we ordered in moderation! 😀 Took a snap of the menu of some of the items that we ordered before my memory fails me 😛

Menu of the meat

Menu of the soup

Menu of the mixed flavour broth

Mneu of some of the restaurant made balls.

Menu of the paste

Menu of vegetables and fungi

Menu of Dumplings

Menu of beancurd and Konjac

You can self service to as many bowls of white rice as you want. The rice in taiwan always look so fat, shiny and appetizing!

Make your own sauce to go with the hotpot. My messy concoction with plenty of spring onions! 😛

A very unique tea pot where you can just refill the tea yourself

Our Twin Flavour Broth, aka Yuan Yang Pot, NT139 per pax and additional NT180 per table!

Beauty Pot on the left and Spicy Wu Lao Pot on the right. Comes with free re-filled of sliced duck’s blood and beancurd skins.

The pricing here was a little complex but for tired, hungry and super high souls on holiday, that probably would not be on our minds. 😛

Our Meats – Escalope of Shoulder Butt NT288 and Escalope of Prime Beef NT298

Close up of the Prime Beef.. Yums

Beancurd Sheets, NT88. 

Must order to soak up the goodness of the soup. Dunk it in whichever flavour you like!

Mixed Flavoured Konjac, NT128

Could not taste their flavours after cooking them in the hot pot but I love their texture for no matter how long you cook them , there will be a bite to it. Plus they are packed full of fibre too!

Ice cream toufu, NT30 each

This is a specialty of the resturant and a must order when you are here! Though the shape does not look good depending on which direction your thought brings you, the taste is really unique.

My Ice Cream Toufu cooked in the Beauty Pot. It is really smooth like ice cream and melts in your mouth.

Cannot remember if this is scallop or fish & prawn paste but you should give it a try.

Must have vegetables! Our Mixed Vegetables Platter, NT188

Another view showing the potato and taro balls hidden by the container of pumpkin, carrots, corn, zucchini and etc.

Our very full pot! Too busy eating to take pics of my cooked food.. 😛

Service here was excellent and the sliced duck’s blood/beancurd skin was very promptly refilled. The service staff bowed very time they serviced us! OMG.. that is one very tiring job isn’t it? I lost count of the number of times they came to our table, be it to serve us the items we ordered, to top up the broth, etc. Service is really top-notch!

We were given some citrusy slushy to rid the greasiness from the mala hotpot and to cleanse our palate at the end of the meal. So thoughtful right?!


Love the taste of the ice blended drink as it was a perfect balance of sweetness and tanginess! Very refreshing indeed. Only grouse was I did not have enough of it but was too full to ask for more too! 😛

Definitely recommended to visit Wu Lao Guo無老鍋 for the Mala Pot as it tastes good, not too spicy, salty or numbing. If you feel that it is not spicy enough, they can adjust the taste for you too. Just let the service staff know. 🙂  Due to the complex pricing and minimum spent required (minimum expenditure per table is NT650 (plus 10% Service Charge)), it is recommended to go in bigger groups. A group size of 4 is pretty comfortable I would say 🙂

Elixir Health Pot 無老鍋 (Wu Lao Guo)
124, XingSheng S. Rd., Sec. 1, Zhongzheng Dist., Taipei City
Tel: (+886) 02 3322-5529
Hours: 11.30am – 4am

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