Birds of Paradise Gelato @East Coast Road

Craving again for the White Chrysanthemum Gelato at Birds of Paradise and trying our luck after dinner and praying hard that the queue will not be too long. Thankful that the queue moved very quickly (waited for a total of about 15min where the queue starts from under the bridge) and that we got the last 2 scoops of White Chrysanthemum in the house!

The Midnight Gianduja (premium flavour, add an additional $1) is another of my favourite and usually after queuing for a while, buying one scoop does not do me justice hence I ended up with 2 – Black and White, in a freshly baked thyme cone (add $1)! 😛 Have to eat the white chrysanthemum first as its flavour is so delicate that any stronger flavour will overpower it.

Birds of Paradise. Botanical Gelato. #BOPGELATO

Customers waiting to get their hand on their ice cream. 😛

Staff preparing the thyme cone.

Birds of Paradise Gelato
63 East Coast Road, #01-05, Singapore 428776
Opening Hours: 12pm to 10om, Closed on Monday

Price: Single scoop $4.70, Double Scoop, $7.70

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