Beauty in the Pot 美滋锅@ Kinex, Tanjong Katong Road

Stepping back to the renovated Beauty in the Pot at KINEX (previously OneKM mall) to satisfy someone’s craving! Still amazed at how they can pull off such a pink interior!

Our early dinner spread! Seafood order done by me and the rest by PB!

Quarter pot soup order ($29.50++ ) done by PB. A twin pot would have been sufficient for the 2 of us but someone decided otherwise. A great variety and good way to try many soup at one time if you are here for the first time!

Our Quarter pot hotpot soup with the following (bottom left anticlockwise)
Beauty Collage Broth (quarter) – $9++, Spicy Nourishing Broth (quarter) – $7++, Cooling Coconut Soup (quarter) – $6.50++ and Herbal Drunken Chicken Soup (quarter) – $7++.

Hokkaido Scallops (half portion) – $12++

Fried Fish skin (half portion) – $5.90++

Signature Homemade Fish Toufu (min order of 2), $2.20++ each

Assorted Balls Platter – $12.80++

Chinese Cabbage (half portion) – $3.70++

The vegetable that you can cook to death to soak up the flavours from the broth.

Broths to top up our hotpot to which we only used one.

US Wagyu Beef (half portion) – $24.50++

Works out to about $5++ per piece.

Beef Cubes (half portion) – $14.40++

Someone has been craving this since his last visit.

King White Prawns (half portion) – $11.50++

Nicely de-shelled with fork and knife at our table by the service staff.

Ingredients in the Cooling Coconut Soup.

Ingredients in the Herbal Drunken Chicken Soup.

Spicy Nourishing Broth (pork bone). Be careful not to choke on it!

Cooking my US wagyu beef in the most popular, “MUST-ORDER” Beauty Collagen Broth.

Cooking the beef in the cooling coconut broth. So sweet and cleansing.

Love the coconut flesh and white fungus that has been cooked for an hour in the soup! YUMZ! So soft and sweet! This broth is really good to have as it cleanses the palate after all the hotpot.


Cooked beef cubes. Though a bit small, it was still juicy and nice!

My “MUST-ORDER”. Cook it for 8 minutes in whatever broth you like.

So tender, soft and juicy! You just have to try it.

Cheese balls that is piping hot. We have been warned by the staff but still got scalded in our eager to eat it. 😛

PB’s free flow of Luo Han Drink, $3.80++ which he had a tonne of! Must stop the staff from constantly refilling it for him next time! 😛

Service staff serving us our dessert after the meal.

Love this slushie!

Our damage for the meal. Slightly pricey but we left belly-happy after 1h 30min.

All the ordering has been automated and the menu available in the tablet. Check out below for some of the menu (with prices 2019) or you can click on this link:

Single pot, twin pot or quart pot to start your meal.

6 broths for you to choose from with the most popular being the Beauty Collagen Broth!

The  soup base and their prices based on the type of pot.

Specialty Assorted Platter – easy to order if you do not want to rack your brains.


Beef and mutton


Handmade balls

Give their homemade paste a try

Lots of seafood available to choose from. Just prawns and they had 3 different variety!





Wild Mushroom


rice and noodles

Condiments and fruits chargeable at $3.80++ per pax. Take your pick.


Beauty in The Pot
11 Tanjong Katong Road KINEX #03-38, Singapore 437157
Tel: 6284 8820
Open till 3am

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