All-You-Can-Eat Yakiniku @ Tokyo Yakiniku Heijoen 平城苑 @ 100AM Mall, Tanjong Pagar

Back to Tokjyo Yakiniku Heijoen for very very good grilled meats (beef/pork/chicken) to satisfy PB’s craving! Though I said I was not hungry, my appetite was whet with such juicy and gorgeous beef!

There are 3 menus to choose from and since we have already tried the premium one where you get Japanese Wagyu and a greater variety of seafood, we decided to go for the rich course where we get 46 items and 90minutes to eat – a timing which I consider to be pretty decent.

Entertaining myself while waiting for our orders to be served. Photo of the grill and sauces. Was took the sauce in the center is lemon but nothing best freshly squeeze lemon and salt on the grill beef.

Our first round of orders.

Beef-Harami in Garlic Salt

Jo-Kalbi in Garlic Salt

Pork kalbi in Sweet BBQ Sauce

Pork Rosu in Sweet BBQ Sauce – Thinly sliced pork that is more on the lean side

Chicken in Garlic Salt



Seaweed soup

Grilled Jo-Kalbi.

Sooooooooooooooooooooooooo juicy and soo good. Would have been better if there were no sauces so you can taste the original taste of the beef!

Grilling the pork

All in one.

For our round 2, we ordered the beef tongue. Many would be put off by the mention of the word tongue but do give it a try. You may be surprised and fall in love with it. The texture is a little on the crunchy side for this batch as it seems to be bigger! 😛

Vegetable Platter.

Grilling all the vegetables while waiting for the meats to come.

It is always a challenge to grill the vegetables without burning them. Despite that, I still attempt to grill them every time they are available.

We were a little taken aback by the portion of the meat served for our round of order for the Beef-harami and Jo-Kalbi. It was much more than our first portion but thankfully, this was the 2 cuts that we like and had no problem finishing. I believe consistency should be there to avoid food wastage and most people will gauge how much they will order based on the first portion they were served.

Close up of the Beef-harami

Close up of the Jo-Kalbi.

Consistency of the marbling is definitely there. Thumbs up!

Someone cannot wait to eat his meats so the vegetables have to make way for them! 😛

PB’s last round of Order and attempt to make his crispy pork. Just nice as out last order timing was about up.

My accompaniment for the meal – COLD Amazake 甘酒, $6.90++!

Missed the hot ones that I had in Japan during the new year and imagine my surprise when this is available at the restaurant. The fresh hot ones and this cold one is quite different in texture as this is much smoother and had a smoothie like consistency.

More about the making of the Ozeki Sweet sake that was offered, I did not taste the ginger though. 😛

Our damage for the night. If not for all the ++ , it is really very good value. 😛

The restaurant was fully occupied when we left. So make your booking for good food!

Tokyo Yakiniku Heijoen 平城苑
100 Tras St, 100AM, #03-11, Singapore 079027
Opening Hours: Lunch: 11am – 3pm , Dinner: 5pm – 10pm
Telephone: 6538 2981

Prices: 3 courses to chooses from (*prices stated are as seen in April-2019):
Standard (35 items/70 minutes): Adult: $39.90++ , children 3-6yrs old: $6.25++, children 3-6yrs old: $6.25++, Primary School Children: $23.90++
Rich (46 items/90 minutes): $49.90++ ,children 3-6yrs old: $6.25++, Primary School Children: $29.90++
Premium (46 items/90 minutes)(includes Japanese Waygu): $59.90++, children 3-6yrs old: $6.25++, Primary School Children: $35.90++

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