AirFryer Bake – Old School Cake/Castella Cake 古早味蛋糕

It has so long since I came here that I almost forgot how to login to my blog! haha.. in this age, everyone is going onto vlog, tiktok, and youtube and I do wonder how many people will still bother to read a blog but the old fashion me will still try to update here and on Facebook (yes, still not going onto Instagram) and when I do have the time, to upskill myself and revamp this blog. Probably gonna take ages with Monster P & W holding me back..haha.. in case you don’t know who he is Monster P, his name starts with “Pro”… LOL

With CoVID-19 keeping all of us at home, most of us are finding ways to “entertain” or “perk ourselves up” other than working all day and not being able to go out to eat or buy things that we like. So many families discovered the healthy way of cooking many of the food that we fancied in restaurants and some of our hawker recipes. I am no exception so I decided to “document” my fuss-free recipes/bakes done during this period to remember this very special year and before my brain forgets them 😛

For whatever reason (maybe cos I have been working from home from Feb and need to keep my sanity alive!), my itchy hand bought an airfryer during the Lazada Birthday Sale in March and it has kept me intrigued at how fuss free food can be churned out with it and that it can be used to bake too!

Experimented with a few cakes recipe with the air fryer and this is still my favourite so far – Old School Cake/Traditional Cake/Castella cake 古早味蛋糕 whichever way you like to call it with recipe from Ytower Cooking channel. Though the look of my cake does not match up to that in the video (as i do not have the baking tin insert), taste wise it is perfectly OK!

So here is the recipe and steps. Do try it as I find it so easy to make. The ingredients are so easy to find at home too! No need to go queue up at redman or ntuc and expose yourself to virus just to get them! LOL

Total time taken to prepare the bowls/measure the ingredients and mix them together: 20-30min.
Time to bake: 25 min (150°C for 10min then 140°C for 15min)

Measured Ingredients – Everything that you need are here.
Just need to keep this picture and you can replicate the cake many many times!
My handscribbled ingredients and steps on any paper that I can find as it is still very hard to read from the phone that keeps switching off! 😛
Part 1 of the ingredients
Part 2 of the ingredients
Mix Part 1 of the ingredients till they are dissolved.
I messed up a bit here as I forgot the steps and changed the order of the egg yolks and flour but it did not affect the end result though I did wonder why was my egg yolk a little cooked 😀
**You are supposed to dissolve the milk. oil and sugar and sieve in the flour. Wait for the mixture to cool down to about 40°C before stirring in the egg yolk.
Flour and Egg yolk steps were reversed.. :$
Sieving in the cake flour to remove lumps.
Messy mix
Mix till the flour is well combined
Part 2 of the ingredients – Whisk the Egg Whites and add the sugar in 3 batches
Keep Whisking till stiff peaks form.
I used cane sugar this round so the colour of the whites were a little different
Considered done when the egg white forms stiff peaks.
Mix 1/3 of the egg white into the egg yolk mixture.
Gently Fold in….
….till well mixed.
Then pour in the egg yolk mixture into the egg whites.
Line the Airfryer basket with baking paper as I did not have the baking tray insert. Add in half the batter then i added a slice of cheese on one side. You can omit it if you do not like cheese or you can add in other ingredients that you like.
Added some raisins to the remaining half of the batter.
Taking a peak 3min into the airfryer.
Bake at 150°C for 10min then 140°C for 15min
Afteer 25min – Tada! The Old School Cake/Traditional Cake/Castella cake 古早味蛋糕 is ready!
Mine is not as thick as the basket was wider. Did not affect the bounce and texture of the cake though
Cross section of the cake.
Close up of the cake with the cheese and raisin. <3
Not very beautiful to look at cos the cake was bit spread out but it was fuss free to make and yummy to eat! 😉

Good recipe for bored people who wants to eat cake but does not want to go out to buy ingredients. LOL

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