A private food blog WHERE SLOW CHOMPS with her family, friends, colleagues and acquaintances. A log of all the lip smacking and too pretty to eat food encountered in this life time.

Loves trying out new places for good food and nice ambience, and taking pictures of those carefully crafted and intricate food presentation although never ever finding enough time to give them all a proper post.

Dabbles in some cooking and baking during stressed or free time 🙂

So “private” is this blog that if you think you found me, leave me a message! 😛



– Keep on Chomping…


What you need to know about this blog:

1) All the food are paid for

2) The reviews here are all my personal comments and thoughts

3) All the posts are backdated to the day I visited the establishment to help me remember where I went and what I eat throughout the year and also to be fair to the establishments should they need to review their food.

4) Photography Equipment:

a) Camera Phone:
i. Sony Ericsson K800i (this phone has been retired)
ii.Sony Ericsson C905 (my very trusty phone thus far) -> retired wef 2012
iii. Iphone 4 ( a recent discovery and replacement when my C905 was sent in for servicing) -> retired
iv. Iphone4S: Latest addition to the family on  2011-11-23  -> retired
v. Iphone 7: Addition to the family in 2016-Dec-> retired
vi. Iphone Xs: Addition to the family in 2019-Aug
b) Nokia D50 with kit lense (this has been retired wef 2012)
c) Any other phone camera that happens to be around and in use. 🙂
5) All photos are copyright of slowchomp. Please ask for permission if you would like to use any of them. Photos seen on the blog are reduced in resolution for speed optimisation.
Thank you for visiting slowchomp.com!!

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