2211 Mookata @Jurong West Street 91

Mookata has been in Singapore for a few years now and today, we finally got down to trying one and 2211 Mookata at Jurong West Street 91 it is!

Menu – Platters that you can choose from if you are lazy to choose your own.

Menu – Ala Carte Meat, Seafood, Vegetable, noodles, etc

Thai Chilli sauces to dip your meat. I like the green one. Both were not too spicy,

The Mookata was placed on our table very promptly by the boss once we choose our broth – chicken. You can choose tom yum if you fancy something spicy.

Our order for the night.

A jug of soup will be placed on the table for you to top up the pot yourself as it evaporates quite quickly.

Our Platter of food  – meat and seafood served all in one tray.

Golden Mushroom, $1.90

Shrooms Platter, $6

I would call it the Shrooms pot instead :P. In the pot, there are golden mushrooms, oyster mushrooms and shiitake mushrooms.

Thai Marinated Chicken Thigh, $1.90

Pork fat and Thai Marinated Pork Collar, $1.90 underneath

Thai Marinated Prime Beef, $3.90

Not much marinate to me as compared to the chicken.

Thai Marinated Pork Belly, $1.90

Scallop, $3.90

It was served rock hard and we had to wait for it to thaw.

Fresh Large Prawns, $3.90

Cheese Toufu, $2.90

Beancurd Skin, $1.90

Very crispy when grilled.

Oiling the grill plate with the pork fat.

Very delicious Grilled Belly.

Oooooh.. all the juices dripping down into the soup.

I cannot stop giggling at this as the soup pot looks like a canal and my prawn/ingredients got “stuck” swimming in it! LOL

Love how the soup got so sweet towards the end with the natural juices from the meats dripping in from the grill pot in the middle. Thumbs up to the thais for inventing this cooking style as it satisfy many couples with mostly the man wanting BBQ and the woman wanting soupy stuff. HAHA

With such cheap and good food, it is no wonder that this place is popular with NTU students as it is just a 5min drive or a 20min stroll away. Great place for big groups and good for supper since they close only at 3am. Do keep your volumes down after 10pm so as not to disturb the residents.


2211 Mookata Thai Grill
Address: Blk 907 Jurong West Street 91, Singapore 640907
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/2211mookata/
Opening hours: 5pm – 3am

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