Zichar @ Cafe 566, Woodlands Road

Cheap and good zichar place with a safari theme? Sounds too good to be true? There is really such a place in Singapore in Woodlands road. It is really near to the Singapore Zoo and Night Safari so for families who are going to spend a day there or is wrapping up the adventure and looking for places to eat, you can consider heading to Cafe 566 to fill your stomach as it is spacious, has “animals” that can keep your children occupied and most of all, the food is cheap and served very quickly!

The entrance of the zi char place with a dinosaur head.

It took us a while to locate the place as it is located beside a workshop but google map does the job perfectly. Just keep your eyes on the lookout for 566 and some animals peeping out from the fences!

Pathway into the cafe – so interesting!

The gigantic elephant just reminds me of my childhood days! Doesn’t it look like the Charity Elephant?  (*hums… I’m Charity Elephant, Charity Elephant, your friend… * OK..  it maybe only me 😛)

Zebra and Rhinoceros

Very cheery and colourful interior

Another dining area and this does really feel like you are dining in the wild 😛

Some of the food pictures on the wall

Outdoor dining area.

So rustic right? As it was scorching hot, we retreated to the indoor to enjoy our meal 😛

Menu Cover

Just browsing it as our colleagues have already helped to place the orders to cut short the waiting time.

Menu – Steamboat

Menu – Crabs and Exotic Delicacies

Menu – Pork

Menu – Chicken and Prawns

Menu-Squid and Beancurd

Menu-Omelette and Soup

Menu-Noodles and Vermiceilli

Menu – Rice

Menu – Vegetables

Above are some of the menu with items we ordered. There were too many pages for me to snap individually! Silly me only found out that the menu is available on their facebook page (check it out here) while writing this post! 😛 If you still want to reference my pictures that I have taken for the menu, you can click here 😉

Parrots hanging from the ceiling right above our dining table

Deep Fried Sotong With Salted Egg 咸蛋苏东 ($12/$18/$24)

Another view of the deep-fried sotong with salted egg.

I did not taste much of the salted egg but I like it that the dish was not greasy and the sotong was not rubbery.

Cereal Prawns 麦片虾 ($16/$22/$30)

This should be Deep-fried Chicken with Salted Egg.

Seafood Fried Rice 海鲜抄饭

Close up of the seafood in the fried rice!

Kampong Fried Rice 干榜抄饭

Close up of the Kampong Fried Rice.

It is a little spicy as they had added chilli padi into it.

Deep-fried Baby Sotong 酥炸苏东仔 ($12/$18/$24)

Close up of the baby sotong.

This is our favourite dish of the day! So cripsy and tasty! Where is my beer? 😛

Marmite Pork Ribs 妈蜜排骨 ($12/$16/$20)

Stir-fried Vegetables with 3 types of Mushroom 三菇扒时蔬 ($12/$16/$20)

Love this dish too!

Tofu with seafood

Close up of the big prawns!

Pork Ribs that is so tender that you do not need much strength to tear the meat off the bone!

A little bit of everything and my plate is so full!

566 Signature Hor Fun 招牌河粉($12.80/$23.80/$48.8)

Added on this hor fun as I am really not a big fan of rice, rice rice and am glad we tried it!

Pipping hot and full of ingredients!

There were scallops, squid, prawns, sea cucumber, bao bei, mushrooms, etc. Value for money!

Lotus root with Pork Rib soup.

Love this soup so much that I had actually forget to take a picture and had to ask my colleague for it! Only wish – more soup please! 😛

Very 80s tiles but modern chairs. LOL

Exploring the outdoor area and seeing dogs in cages.

If you have children roaming the grounds, please make sure that they are looked after and do not go near the fence as the dogs look fierce!

Cute Jeep

Plenty of tortoise near the entrance

Koi Pond near the entrance.


Cafe 566
566 Woodlands Rd, Singapore 728697
Opening Hours:
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Cafe-566-317736795008578/
Parking is FREE

  1. Hi Slow Chomp,
    Thanks for your review of our restaurant!
    Please do note that we have since changed our name to 566 Seafood Restaurant and our opening hours are Mon-Fri (11am-3pm, 5pm-10pm).
    You can also find out more about us from our new website at https://566seafood.sg and our menu can be found at https://566seafood.sg/menu .
    Feel free to contact us at marketing@566seafood.sg if you have any question. Thanks!

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