Zi Char Lunch Celebration@ Sum Kee @ Yeo’s Building

Introducing my colleagues to Sum Kee for a birthday celebration with a sumptuous zichar lunch with free parking too!

Sum Kee Chinese New Year (CNY) Menu

Since this period is just before CNY, most zichar places have launched their CNY menu to cater to groups who want to celebrate before CNY. Sum Kee is opened through-out Chinese New Year and that is really good news for folks who do not want to cook! 😛 You can choose from their 4 Set Menu ranging from $429 to $888 nett for 8-10pax! The menu consists of CNY items like Yu Sheng, a soup, a chicken, a fish, a prawn, a veg, a rice/noodle, etc. Typical items that you would find for prosperity reasons during CNY 🙂

Since I have been to Sum Kee so many times, I shall jump straight into the food since my cols are here for the first time and I just gotta order the MUST-EAT items that are show cased so many times in my blog and not the CNY menu 😛  We have gone for smaller portions so that we can go for more variety 🙂  There are also some new items that we tried today.. Read on to see what it is.. 🙂

Ultraman Chicken (large), $24

Got the thumbs up from everyone! Luckily I ordered the large one to satisfy everyone!

Coffee Pork Ribs (medium), $15

Had to fight to get a share of this. That was how good it was!

Sum Lor Hor Fun (medium), $12

Order this for them to taste as most had steamed plain rice to go with the dishes.

Close up of the generous beansprouts and the fresh fish slices.

Feels so healthy eating this and I prefer this to the XO version.

XO Sum Lor Hor Fun (Medium), $15

Kung Fu Ribs (medium), $15

This pork rib is nice too! It feels like a thai version of the pork rib as it has sweet and sour sauce drizzled over it and topped with plenty of shredded cucumber, onions and carrots. For peeps who do not like coffee, this is a good alternative!

Nai Bai(medium), $12

We must eat vegetables right? 😛

The other sinful and yet must-eat item – Chicken Bikini (large), $16!

Close up of the Chicken Bikini!

I am still very amazed at how they can get people to want to order this and make money out of items that would otherwise be discarded. The same concept as the fish skin!

Sambal Sweet Potato Leaves (medium), $12

Yum yum. Love it but need more sambal taste lah!

Our full table of mess midway through the meal

Sweet and Sour Prawn (Large), $52

Close up of the sweet and sour prawn. First time trying this!

Love it but it was a tad expensive as after dividing, each prawn cost around $4-$5. It was served pipping hot and each prawn was quite big and succulent. Definitely recommended to try!

Yam Ring (medium), $22

This would be a teochew kid’s weakness. ;P

Cripsy Toufu (small), $12, ~8 pieces 

We had 2 sets of this so that it is easier to go around. Pipping hot and yummy. Superb with the chilli sauce. A great starter but it came at the end of our meal 😛

Our total bill came up to $259.80 after adding wet towels, drinks and 7% GST. A very shiok meal I would say and I guess everyone agreed with me 🙂

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Sum Kee Food
No 2 Yeo’s Building
Telok Blangha Street 31
Singapore 108942
Tel: 67373233 / 63338556
Opening hours:
Lunch: 11am-2.30pm
Dinner: 5.30pm – 11pm

Photos taken with iphone6

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