YY Kafei Dian 喜园咖啡店 @Beach Road

Spending a Lazy Saturday afternoon checking out a quaint coffeeshop for local delights!

YY Kafei Dian is located at the junction of Beach Road and Purvis Street. For those driving, there are parking along Purvis Street. Do not park illegally for there are enforcement cameras in the area. As the traffic is very busy in this area, I suggest that you do not drive there. Take the train to Bugis Mrt and take a short walk (~10min) to the coffeeshop. I find this coffeeshop very suitable to rest your legs after all the sight-seeing and shopping and to enjoy some local delights while in Singapore.

I spy with my little eyes Poached and Roasted Chicken!

View of part of the interior

View of the interior while I queued to order the food.

The lovely buns that they are known for waiting to be toasted!

Uncle chopping up the chicken for our orders!

Condiments on the table – Chicken rice chilli, light soya sauce, sweet dark soya sauce, cut green chillis and white pepper.

Help yourselves to the cutlery

What I came here for. 😛

PB is never a morning person so my “breakfast” is taken at high tea timing. 😛 Thankfully these lovely buns are available the whole day!

Sweet Kaya Bun and Coffee. This is life…. 🙂

PB’s Ice Coffee.

Looks very good too!

A typical tea break food in Singapore 🙂

Cross section of the crispy, fluffy bun.

Love the fluffy sweet bun with the kaya and butter. The kaya used here is the brown kind and there is more bite to this bun than the Ya Kun or Killiney ones.

Our Chicken Rice “lunch”

Close up of the chicken – Poached vs Roast

My Roast Chicken.

I did not specify the chicken part I wanted and thus was given a wing.

PB’s Poached or White Chicken.

Very very tender! Thumbs up!

Close up of the Chicken Rice – Smells good.

My Meal.

My rice drizzled with some sweet dark sauce.

Not too sure where I learnt this method of eating but I feel that it tasted better in this manner 😛

Close up of the roast chicken. So tender and I love it soaked in the sauce!

The chicken rice chilli sauce here is slightly different from those outside as it is not so garlicky and spicy. Try it!

The 2 soft boiled eggs that came much later than the bun.

It came with the shells still on and you will have to crack open it yourself.

The Singaporean way of eating it? 🙂

PB’s unflavoured soft boiled egg scatter with some of my white pepper 😛

My soft boiled egg with a little light soya sauce, dark soya sauce and white pepper. The dark soya sauce here is the sweet kind (mean for the chicken rice) so it was a tad weird on my egg as it should the correct type should be the salty one. 😛

All mixed up and ready to eat/drink whichever way you like it. You can also dip the bread to soak up the egg.

I love the coffee and bun so much that we had seconds after polishing off the chicken rice.

Peeling off one side to reveal the brown kaya and slice of butter in the bun.

Side view of the thickness of the bun

Melty butter in the kaya bun and my coffee.

This is one coffee that has the right smoothness, thickness and sweetness without having me to emphasis less sweet. Perhaps this is one reason why it is so popular with many of the older generation and tourists alike? 🙂

Our meal for one hot coffee, one ice coffee, 1 kaya bun, 2 soft boiled eggs and 2 sets of chicken rice cost $13.30 and the second round consisting of 2 hot coffees and 1 buns costs $3.80. Very very value for money I would say given the location of this coffeeshop 🙂 Will be back to try the zichar available at this coffeeshop too!

YY Kafei Dian 喜园咖啡店
37 Beach Road,
Singapore 189678
Opening Hours:8am-10.30pm
Burpple Pics: http://www.burpple.com/yy-kafei-dian=

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