Yakitori Rice Burger @ MOS Burger

It has been a super long time since I ate anything from MOS Burger! Really missed their thick fries and milk tea but I did not have them today ;p

Decided to try out the Yakitori Rice Burger, $4.25, as the posters were all screaming at me!

The unique point of MOS Burger is their rice patties burger and this one looks good!

Chicken thigh soaked in Teriyaki sauce and sandwiched between 2 rice patties. Yumz.. I had wanted to add on the fries and milk tea but since I had a 50% off a grande or venti drink at Starbucks (member special), I gave those lovely fries a missed. 🙁

Still couldn’t resist adding on a soup at the last min.

My Mushroom Soup, $2.50.

I remembered it was good previously but today’s soup tasted a little plastic-ky, perhaps from the cup it was contained in. Otherwise, it tasted good and is a good size for warming up the tummy  🙂

MOS Burger
100 Tras St,
#01-12 100 AM,
Singapore 079027
Tel: 6694 8482
Opening Hours: Daily: 8am to 10.30pm
Website: http://www.mosburger.com.sg/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Mos-Burger-Singapore-official-Fan-Page-230516783698439/

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