Yakiniku-Ohji @ Clementi Ave 3

Checking out Yakiniku Ohji located at level one of 321 Clementi for their Japanese BBQ Buffet after enjoying our meal at Yakiniku Oh at Cuppage Plaza.

There are 3 types of buffet you can choose from: Basic with 36 items, Recommended with 46 items and High Quality with a whopping 62 items! Each buffet last 2hours with your last order 30min before the ending time.

Students nowadays are so fortunate to have affordable Japanese meal at student prices!

Ala carte dinner menu that comes with free green tea.

Pano view of the interior from where we were seated.

The wagyu BBQ buffet at $42,80+ (adult)/$22.8+ (child) with 62 items that PB had set his eyes on!

The recommended buffet menu with 46 items at $28.8+ for adult and 19.8+ for child.

Basic menu with 36 items – Adult 19.8+, Child 15.8+. 

Very affordable considering there are a lot of items in the side menu (including ramen!)

Drinks Menu

Drinks Menu

The heated coals ready on the other table.

Our charcoal stove on the table, chargable at $2.50+ per person. Nice to get some warm from in such chilly weather Singapore is facing these few days!

Word of caution: the heat can be intense but we felt that it was less so here than at cuppage maybe because of the better ventilation!

Our first round of orders put in by PB!

Order slowly as the table is very small and there is not enough space to put if you fill up the 12 squares in the order sheet.

My perfectly chilled mug of Asahi Beer, $10.49. The perfect drink for BBQ!

Tako (Octopus) Wasabi

Close up of the wasabi tako.

PB though I would not like it as it was a little slimy but I do like this as there is a little crunch and kick from the wasabi!

Potato salad

Quite a mountain of potato and not exactly what I had expected as it tasted a little sour inside.

Pork Kalbi


Inner Kalbi

Different from what we had at Cuppage. This one is very fat. Almost like the port belly we know, 70% fat, 30% meat!


Kalbi (spare rib)

This looks fat but tasted great once you grilled it as the fats, though a lot, are distributed within the meat and some of them melts after grilling.

Shiitake Mushroom and Elingi (Giant Mushroom)

Some “greens” to balance the meal! 😛

Our almost full table with just one round of order and some meats put to BBQ.

PB’s Ice Green Tea, $2.14 (not refillable).

Nicely Chilled mug accompanying the Coke Zero, $2.14

Waiting patiently for the mushroom and beef to cook.

Can’t wait to tuck in! Itadakimasu!

 Marinated Meat

More orders once our friend arrived!

US Karbi

Grilling the tongue

Grilled tongue. 

It tasted quite nice once you can get it past your lips! LOL.. it is firm but not chewy. I quite like it but the rest are probably too scare off by the “tongue” word that one portion is enough! LOL


Harami Skirt Steak

Kalbi (sparerib)

Very fat but no scissors to cut off!

Angus beef half pound stake cut

This is a lot of meat!

Taste wise, this would be more tough so for those who like more bites in their meat, the angus would be for you.

US Karbi

Getting fat too..

Cucumber Kimchi

Gotta get some veg to balance the greasiness of the meat. Nice crunchy cucumber but on the salty side.

Cabbage Kimchi

Do not recall ordering this but can eat also lah.

Bean Sprout Namuru

Very bland dish which I mixed with the cucumber to balance off the taste. 😀

Grilling the fatty Kalbi.

Had to look after the meats so that they do not get charred by the flame that shoots up when the oil drips into the charcoal!

Can you see it shining in the light? Hahaha..

LO of the meat at 30min before 2hr is up.

One more Kalbi we ordered and it was really too fat.

There were about 6-7 slices on the plate.

Close up of the bui bui kalbi…..

Grilled and lightly charred meats. Can you tell what is what? 😉

Ice Cream to end the meal!

Vanilla, Chocolate and Strawberry.. take your pick.

Close up of the chocolate ice cream. Yumyum..

Our bill for the night came up to $164.40 after 7% GST (no servicve charge) which is comparable to our meal at Yakiniku at Cuppage Plaza but we had soooo much meats here! Tasted 20 out of the 62 that we could have! LOL.. The variety here is great for the price but the meat quality at Cuppage is much better. So depending on your craving,  you know which one to go to. 🙂

Yakiniku Ohji 烧肉王
321 Clementi Avenue 3, #01-01, Singapore 129905
TEl: 62582849
Opening Hours: Monday – Sunday: 11.30am to 11pm
Website: http://washokugoen.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/yakinikuoh/


Summary of what we had:

29. Tako (Octopus) Wasabi
25. Potato salad
41. Kalbi (sparerib)
44. Sirloin
43. Inner Kalbi
46. Harami Skirt Steak
47. Marinated Meat
49. Tongue
50. Pork Kalbi
56. Angus beef half pound stake cut
58. US Karbi
60. Arabibi sausage
65. Shiitake Mushroom
66. Elingi (Giant Mushroom)

14. Cabbage Kimchi
15. Cucumber Kimchi
18. Bean Sprout Namuru

33-35. Icecream – Vanilla, Chocolate and Strawberry.

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