Yakiniku Oh 烧肉王@ Cuppage Plaza, Orchard

Enjoying a delicious Japanese BBQ at Cuppage Plaza! It has been ages since I stepped back to this part of the Orchard Road and Yakiniku Oh brought me back here!

Chanced upon this in WAttention Volume 42 and decided to check it out since it has been ages we have had good Yakiniku and Yakitori and I was really craving for some good skewers.

Yakiniku Oh is located on level 1 of Cuppage Plaza. It is not difficult to locate as it is directly opposite Orchard Central and OG Orchard.

Advert outside the restaurant show casing the meats and advertising it as real japanese style with Matsumoto quality.

No.1 Japanese Curry in Singapore.

Looks like another trip is a must or a visit to another Washoku Goen outlet is on the “to visit” list.

The Izakaya Style sitting. Space is really tight.

Menu – Skewers and BBQ Meats

The menu is in Japanese and translated to simple English.

Menu – Curry rice set menu

Menu – Appetiser, Side dishes, Soup, Veg, etc

Menu – Gyoza, Sake

Menu – Ramen

So many things to eat and so spoilt for choice but we stuck to our main objective of coming here! 😛

Menu – Drinks

View of the cashier and Kitchen.

The staff are all Japanese with limited command of English so it makes clarifying the menu a little harder. Feels like I am back in Japan and we had to use whatever mode to communicate and understand each other.. LOL. I believe a lot of Japanese patronise this place too as the menu plastered on the wall were all in Japanese. Not surprising since there are a lot of Japanese KTVs in Cuppage Plaza.

Our burning Shichirin transferred from another table who has left.

There is a charge of $3+ per pax for the charcoal stove.

The pipe to suck away the smoke.

The heat from the stove can get a bit over powering in such an enclosed space. It would have been great to huddle over it in winter but in SG, I personally feel it was a little too hot as the table was a little small and there were no fans to ventilate the area and the seat we had did not get any air-con.

Japanese Style Rolled Omelette, $8+

Another view of the omelette with the grated radish.

View of the layers of egg.

It was a tad tasteless and I had to add some of the soya sauce on the table to it.

Our plates of meal came fast and furious after we were so warmed up by the charcoal stove.  So fast that we were a little lost as to what was what meat so please do pardon me if I remembered them wrongly. Taste wise, all of them were good. The only complain would be the portion is really small. About 7 thin slices/bites per plate.

Special Kalbi, $18+

Another view of the special Kalbi.

Great meat it is!

Kalbi, Short Rib, $12+

Close up of the Kalbi.

Pork Kalbi, $8+

Limited Parts of Beef, $12+

Not knowing what part but it is really very good and really limited as when we wanted to order another portion, it was all sold out.

My Nikka Whiskey High Ball, $9.80+

Hmm.. a beer may have been a better option but this big glass of “water” was good with my BBQ meats.

FOC salted Cabbage to balance the greasiness from the meat.

Grilling our kalbi.

The oil from the meat actually caused quite a flame!

Our grilled special kalbi. OMG. It was very tasty and soooo good.

Skewers had to be ordered in pairs and this is PB’s fav – Grilled Y shape Gristle (essentially Chicken Softbone), $2.50+ per skewer

Skewer Platter (8 Kinds), $19+

Ordered a platter of 8 Skewers since it was what lured me here! The platter is fixed and you do not know what is in it and changing is not allowed hence we just went with it. There was a skewer of mushroom (tasted quite bitter ;( ), soft bone, 4 skewers of various chicken meat and 2 skewers of the organs.

The organs should be chicken liver and chicken heart if I am not wrong. A delicacy to some but not to us. 😛 I did try the heart though. It has a membrane that pops and tasted like well marinated meat  but one is enough for me… LOL

Grilling more meats!

Lightly burned from the flames but so juicy and tender! YUMZ!

Grilling the pork.

Half-grilled pork.

A little too fatty for my liking.

Chicken and leeks Skewers (shoyu and shio), $2.50+ per skewer

Despite the platter of skewers failing to meet expectation, I decided to give it another chance and ordered the Chicken and Leeks skewer hoping that I will not be disappointed by the dry meats but I must say I was a little shocked to be served such charred skewers!

Close up of the Shio Chicken and Leeks.

Chicken was much more tender the those on the platter but the leeks were too charred.

Close up view of the charred skewers.

This is definitely not the Japanese standard that I was expecting.

Our 2nd round of meats.

PB did not catch what was what make a guess yourself! 😛 We order Special Kalbi, Inner Kalbi, and Kalbi.

Love the flavour of the meat enhance by the charcoal flame. YUMz!

Our bill for the night came up to $173.12 after 7% GST. There is an additional 5% charge if payment is by VISA/Master so do prepare enough casd or have your NETS card ready if you do not want to pay the additional fee.


Yakiniku Oh 烧肉王
5 Keok Road, Cuppage Plaza, #01-07/12/13, Singapore 228796
Tel: 97116577 / 67331248
Opening Hours: Monday – Saturday: 6pm – 5am (LO 4.15am)
Sunday and PH: 5pm – 11pm (LO: 10.15pm)
Website: http://washokugoen.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/yakinikuoh/









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