Ya Kun Kaya Butter Toast Set @ Bishan Junction 8

Breakfast, snack or all day favourite, this combination of Kaya Butter Toast, soft boil eggs and coffee/tea is something what most Singaporeans would be able to eat at any time of the day though it used to be only consumed in the morning as breakfast. In recently years, it has been made available any time of the day in most coffee shops/traditional coffee joints and is something that tourists who come to Singapore must-try!

My Value Set Meal A: Kaya Butter Toast Set, $4.80  that comes with 2 slices of Kaya Toast with Butter, 2 soft boiled eggs and a coffee/tea.

Since I changed my coffee to Kopi C (that is coffee with condensed milk) , I have to top up anther $0.20 so that makes my set a $5 set!  A tad expensive but with the raising cost of rental and labour, the consumers sometimes do not have a choice but to make this a once in a while luxury 🙂  There are cheaper options available but with that comes varying quality so I usually go back to Ya Kun whenever I craved for a perfectly toasted crispy bread with Kaya and Butter and perfectly done soft boiled eggs!

Perfectly done soft boiled eggs with the egg whites soft and white, not translucent for that means it is not cook proplerly. I then drizzled it with dark soya sauce and pepper. You can adjust the the seasoning yourself so if you prefer it plain, add nothing, but the Singaporean way is what I have done and you will not regret eating it in this manner! If you like more pepper in your eggs, just shake a pepper shaker a few more times! Mixed them up properly and slurp it up! 😉

The traditional favourite – freshly toasted Kaya and Butter Toast! Eat it on its own or dip it into the soft-boiled eggs for that sweet and salty taste and crispy and soft texture.

Stall at Bishan

Ya Kun is available all over the island so wherever you are, there is bound to be an outlet near you. Try yours today! 🙂

Ya Kun
Junction 8 Shopping Centre 碧山第8站
9 Bishan Place #B1-26
Junction 8 Shopping Centre
Singapore 579837
Tel: 62588102
Opening Hours: 7.30am – 10.30pm
Website: http://yakun.com.sg/

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