Ya Hua Pork Rib Soup 亚华肉骨茶 @ Tanjong Pagar Complex, revisited

Had actually decided not to take any photos for our meal tonight since we have already eaten here but when the bowls started streaming in, I could not resist and started snapping again! 😛

The bowls that set me snapping!

The partially eaten Large Dough Sticks (aka You Tiao) 油条(大), $2, that was placed on our table even before we placed our orders.

PB’s Lean Pork Rib Soup 排骨汤, $8. The soup was very peppery and there were unlimited refills.

My Sliced Fish Soup 生鱼片汤, $7. It is actually served with the same pork rib soup but the flavour is slightly different due to the vegetable beneath the slices of fish. It made the soup less spicy and more sweet.

The partially eaten small braised peanuts 卤花生(小), $2 that both of us love and got polished off by PB in minutes!

My half portion of Rice Vermicelli (aka Mee Sua) 面线汤, $2. The other half went to PB.

PB decided that he wanted more meat after finishing his pork ribs and ordered a Sliced Pork Loin Soup 瘦肉片汤, $7.  For people who do not want to use their hand while eating, this is a good option but I find that the meat on the pork rib taste way tastier than this!

I decided to add on a small Braised Fried Beancurd aka Tau Pok 卤豆腐皮(小), $2 when PB added his. It was tasty but I feel that my Mum had a better version of this. 😛

Our meal came up to $33.80 inclusive of 7% GST which is pretty decent considering the amount of food we ordered. However, I feel that the soup lacks the sweetness of the pork ribs it used to have but it is definitely a good stomach warmer with the amount of pepper in it on a cold night 🙂

Ya Hua Pork Rib Soup 亚华肉骨茶
7 Keppel Road,
Tanjong pagar Complex,
Singapore 089053
Tel: 62229610, 82827896 (Day), 98241066 (Night)
Opening Hours:Tue-Sun 7am- 3pm, 6pm-4am
Closed on Mondays

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