Xin Cuisine 新故乡 @ Holiday Inn Singapore Atrium

Xin Cuisine at Holiday Inn Singapore Atrium is really a hidden gem for delicious Cantonese cuisine! Tourists who are staying in this hotel do not have to travel far to fill their stomach with quality Cantonese dishes that pleases both the eye and the palate! 🙂   For locals who do not like to jostle with the crowd on a weekend, this is really a good consideration as the restaurant is frequent by regulars so it is pretty peaceful dining here. 😛


Entrance as seen from the lobby

One side of the interior of the restaurant

Another side of the interior

One of the few cosy sitting area.

Pretty flower on the table

Table setting.

Very traditional napkin colour.

Menu – Dim Sum

No more dim sum for dinner but the list looks really good! Need to come back for this and the Assistant Restaurant Manager, Ms Carmen Lee, told us that there is a promotion going on now where you get 25% off your bill if you finish your dim sum meal on a weekend between 10am to 12pm. Good deal isn’t it?

Menu Cover

Menu – Appetiser

Menu – Culinary Combos

Menu – Bounties of the Sea

Menu – This caught my eye! 😉

Menu – Soup

Menu – Fresh Seafood

Menu – Desserts

Again this caught my eye!

Menu – Desserts

Left the ordering to PB and we ended with a lot of food!

Starter – Braised Peanuts, $4++

Tea – Pu Er with Chrysanthemum ($3++ per person)

Xin’s Crispy Roast Pork with Mustard Dip 故乡烧肉丁, $15++ (per portion)

Close up of the crackling

Side view of the fatty roast pork

Melts in the mouth!

Stir-fried French Beans干煸四季豆 , Small-$18++

I like how the french beans were nicely prepared and so easy to eat! PB still could not find the taste of his first love though 😛

“Home-Style” Roast Duck with Tea Leaves 故乡茶皇鸭 (Half-$32++, Whole-$58++)

Crispy Duck Skin and tender meat. YUMZ!

Close up of the tender and juicy meat.

I like it with the accompany plum dip. 😛

Braised Bird’s Nest with Shrimp and Scallop Paste in Pumpkin Soup 金汤荷包燕窝, $48++ (per person)

Look at the bird’s nest on top!

Cutting open the “dumpling” to reveal the ingredients in it.

Every mouth is full of bird’s nest!

Cross section of the shrimp and scallop and celery in the dumpling.

Feels so pampered eating this and my first time having bird’s nest in a savoury dish.

Deep Fried Noodles with King Prawn大虾煎生面, $15++ (per person)

The prawn is really huge!

The sharp edges of the king prawn has been carefully removed and you can just eat the whole prawn head as it is! I was a little disappointed that the crispy noodles were a tad soggy.

Our half eaten noodles with the de-shelled king prawn! Very big and succulent!

Our desserts!

The desserts were freshly prepared upon order which were well worth the wait!

Look at my cute mini pumpkin shell filled with mango coulis and hashima.

Chilled Mango Coulis and Hashima Served in Mini Pumpkin accompanied with Red Bean Pancake 南瓜盅杨枝雪蛤拼豆沙窝饼, $15++ (per person)

Yum yum yum!

The small red bean pancake fully coated with sesame seeds!

Look at how much red bill filling there is in the pancake.

Love it that the sweetness is just right too!

Fried Sesame Ball with Red Bean And Liquer Chocolate Filling 酒酿煎堆仔, $8++ (per portion of 4 pcs)

We were allowed to order 2 pieces of this as the service staff knew we really wanted to try it and having 4 pieces is just too much for us 😛 This is a MUST ORDER no matter how full you are as it is a creative twist of the traditional sesame balls we used to have during our childhood times.

Cross section of the sesame ball.

Inside of just the boring red bean paste in it, there are chocolate champagne in it as well and when it is deep-fried, you get oozey champagne chocolate in the crispy mochi sesame ball.

PB’s Share.

The liquer was too much for him to handle… LOL

The ang mo pai man’s dessert – Cheese Cake accompanied with Truffle Pudding 乳酪蛋糕伴鲜松露布丁, $10++ (per person)

Everything is edible on the plate!

The truffle pudding is contained in a chocolate bowl!

Close up of the cheese cake and the truffle pudding.

Our came up to $112.56 after adding 10% service charge and 7% GST as it was reduced by 50% with Xin Cuisine American Express Palate Dining Privileges. Very value for money considering how much we ate!

 PB made a good recommendation in suggesting this place and I really feel very comfortable dining here. The food is good and the service is prompt, friendly and attentive without being intrusive, which explains why there are so many regular customers here. Will be back to try other food although I do wish that they can clean up the cigarette smell from the pubs within the same building from the lift lobby.

Xin Cuisine 新故乡 @ Holiday Inn Singapore Atrium
317 Outram Road,
Holiday Inn Atrium,
Singapore 169075
Tel: 67317173


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    Very much appreciated.

    • slowchomp

      Hi May,

      Sure. How can I send it to you?
      The restaurant do refresh their menu so it may better to get from them as I’m not sure if pics and prices are still valid. 🙂

    • slowchomp

      Hi May,

      You can refer to my photos at for a clearer view 😉 Hope it helps!


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