Xi Men Jie 西门街@Tanjong Pagar Centre

Getting a Taste of Taiwan for lunch in CBD right in Tanjong Pagar Centre!

There are many new eateries at the newly opened Tanjong Pagar Centre (right beside the Tanjong Pagar MRT) and Xi Men Jie is the first one I am trying!

Value Set Menu 优惠套餐

There are 5 different value set meals that you can choose from with permutation of rice bento & drink, mee sua & drink, snack & drink, mee sua & snack and Braised Pork rice/ramen or sour spicy ramen & drink with prices ranging from $7 to $10.50.

Ordering is done at the cashier

Menu behind the cashier.

A little small and too bright to be seen if the queue is long.

Menu at the cashier.

Easier to see but you would not want to hold up the queue!

More menu

Our $20 lunch which consisted of a Braised Pork Rice &  Beverage Meal, $7.50 and a Mee Sua & Snack Meal, $10.50, and a ala carte drink.

There were 5 dfferent mee sua and 8 different snacks options to choose from for the mee sua and snack meal! Definitely spoilt for choice!

Ice Honey Lemon (ala cartre $2).

A tad too sweet for my liking.

Braised Pork Rice 卤肉饭 (ala carte, $6)

My friend loved it and had no qualms polishing the rice off with the braised pork! 😛

Crabmeat Mee Sua 蟹肉鸡丝面线 (ala carte $6.50)

There were 5 types of mee sua to choose from, namely oyster, clams, crabmeat, shredded fish and shredded chicken and I pick the crabmeat one as it looks really inviting! Tasted not too bad too! Give me the mee sua plain and I will be a happy to eat it too!

Taiwan Crispy Chicken Cutlet 台湾酥脆鸡排 (ala carte $5.50)

This was freshly fried, crispy, juicy and delicious! Recommended to order when you are here!

Overall a nice meal to have but do come early for the small eating space is filled up quickly during lunch time!

Xi Men Jie 西门街
7 Wallich Street,
Tanjong Pagar Centre,
Singapore 078884
Facebook: https://web.facebook.com/Xi-Men-Jie-Tastes-Of-Taiwan-445157998855015/

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