Wine Infused Mushroom and Ham Angel Hair Spaghetti

Was seated in front of a pasta stall at Tanjong Pagar during lunch today. Wanted to try this new stall but decided to do another time as I was not exactly in a spaghetti mood for lunch. As I was eating my lunch, one of the ladies at the table commented that it was very easy to cook the pasta. She was describing to her friend what ingredients to buy, how to go about cooking it and making it sound so easy that her friend actually told her to prepare it for Potluck on Friday. Haha…

It was an unintentional eavesdropping but they were really funny. The way they put the stall owners down and the way they teased each other. One thing for sure is she is really right. It is really easy to cook your own pasta at home. You just need to head out to buy the ingredients and spend a little bit of time cooking.

Had an errand to run at NTUC after work, hence decided to buy the ingredients to cook my dinner. Grabbed a bottle of Wine Infused Pasta Sauce from Leggo’s. It is made from tomato, sweet basil and has Shiraz added. The description itself was enough to tempt me to lay my hands on it. ;P

Next, I went to the mushroom section to get some white button mushroom. I was pretty surprised that there are ready-sliced packages available nowadays. It really makes things so convenient and cooking so effortless. :  Got myself some ham too.

Cooking the pasta was really easy. All it took was about 10min? The mushroom was already sliced so you just need to take out the amount that you want. As for the ham, you just need to quickly slice it. The angel hair spaghetti that I have at home cooks really quickly; 2 min was all it needed. So cook your spaghetti, lightly sautéed with some butter the mushroom and ham, and then add the pasta sauce and finally, the cooked spaghetti and tada! Dinner is ready! 😀

All the ingredients that was need to cook your own pasta meal.
The end result: Wine Infused Mushroom and Ham Angel Hair Spaghetti

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