Week 28 Office Lunches Roundup

2015-07-07: Salt and Pepper Pork Rib with Rice, $4

From our fav zichar stall, this is one of the cooking method for the yummy pork ribs. Any style of cooking for the pork rib is good! Try it!

2015-07-08: Mee Rebus with Chicken Drumstick, $5

Like the consistency of the gravy and decided to perk it up with the addition of a chicken drumstick. Yums!  The only stall that sells mee rebus in TPC and it is delicious too even though it has changed management.

Photo of the stall taken during one of the days when it was closed.

2015-07-09: Pandan Leaf Nasi Lemak @ Tanjong Pagar Market, $3.50

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2015-07-10: Ayam Penyet @TPC completed with Sugar Cane, $4+$1.50


Photos taken with Xiaomi

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