Wang Dae Bak Korean BBQ Restaurant 왕대박@Amoy Street

This is probably the first time we are having Korean BBQ in Singapore. We have been patronising very good Korean Restaurants in JB and have never tried any in SG as the perception was Korean BBQ are expensive in SG. So while thinking of where to go for dinner tonight, we drove by Amoy Street and decided on trying out our first Korean BBQ in SG. There are more than 5 different Korean Restaurants along this street and we decided to check out Wang Dae Bak as it looks busy and there happened to be a parking lot right outside the restaurant 😛

View of Wang Dae Bak from where we were parked. Parking lots along the road are pretty limited hence my suggestion is to take a train. Nearest mrt should be the newly opened Telok Ayer Mrt Station along the Downtown Line.

The restaurant was full and we decided to take the seat outside the restaurant as we did not feel like sharing seats with other customers and partly to look out for the parking attendants 😛

View of the Signboard from where we were seated. Bright and cheery

Menu – Featuring the beef and chicken cuts.

Menu – Featuring the different pork cuts.

Do note that for BBQ, there is a minimum order of 2 servings of meat. They do not entertain 1 meat serving and you will only be left with the ala carte dishes.

Although we were seated outside, the service staff were very attentive and took our orders and served the side dishes very promptly.

Side dish #1: Bean sprouts that is lightly seasoned. Refreshing dish to start the meal

Side dish #2: Mashed potato. I like this side dish as the mashed potato is moist and you get the crunchy bits of carrots and cucumber in it.

Side dish #3: Radish pickled with red chilli

Side dish #4: Kim chi is a must! If you like the kimchi here, you can purchase it at 500grams for $6.80 or 1kg for $12.

Side Dish #5: I could not make out what it is. Seems like some fishcake stuff but it was way too mushy for my liking.

Side Dish #6: Pickled radish. A very cleansing side dish after chomping on all the meat. 😛

Must have – Lettuce to wrap your meat

Raw garlic

Green cut chilli in soya sauce. Those that I have seen so far are without the soya sauce

Dips – Bean Paste, oil and soya sauce

The side dish spread framing out charcoal grill.

While waiting for our meats to be served, one of the waiter came out with a golden kettle and started pouring some yellowish liquid into the rims on the side of the grill plate

We were wondering what it was till the waiter said that it was eggs. Eggs! What a brillant way to cook it!

Close up of the egg slowing cooking with the heat from the charcoal! The reason for providing eggs is to help you douse out the flames from the spicy dishes! The next time you are on fire from spicy food, eat some eggs or doufu to naturalise it 🙂

PB’s order of Mini Beef Rice, $6

It is really a mini pot of rice topped with cooked beef and drizzled with some sauce. I tried a little but am not a big fan of rice hence did not eat much

Finally our meat was served!

Close up of the Herb Wine Pork Belly, $20. You can still taste a bit of the wine after it is cooked. Nice.

Close up of the Boneless Prime Rib, $28.

Grilling our meat and the 2 rice cake that came with it was put to grill too! As we were too busy eating, there was no more pics of my grilled meats! LOL…

The grilled rice cake was yummy too. It was crispy on the outside yet soft and hot on the inside! A new way of enjoying the rice cake!

We had seconds of the side dishes while waiting for our meat.

Just cannot get enough of this! And PB kept eating everything!

Another serving of kimchi

And one more serving of the bean sprouts.

We were served a plate of what the waitress said was spring onions. Basically it is a very fragrant dish that has shredded carrots, bean sprouts, shredded spring onions, sesame with some seasoning. Non-fans of spring onions may not like this dish but I feel that it is a very healthy dish that you should at least eat a little.

The mountain of charcoal waiting for removal after we were done grilling our meats.

Satisfied meal with almost everything polished off. 😛

Overall, a very satisfying experience with friendly and prompt service. Side dishes wise, the variety is definitely not comparable to the Malaysia ones but taste wise, they were all pretty authentic. Our bill came up to $63.56 ( inclusive of 10% service charge and 7% GST) which is about the same as what we spent in Malaysia, pretty affordable considering the amount of food you get the amount of washing up needed after that 😛 Looks like we will start coming back for more Korean BBQ!

Wang Dae Bak Korean BBQ Restaurant
98 Amoy Street
Singapore 069918
Tel: 62260450
Opening Hours:
Mon – Sat: 10:30 am – 10:30 pm
Closed on Sunday

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