Vietnamese Pork Ball Noodles @ 100AM Koufu

My lunch – Vietnamese Pork Balls Kway Teow Soup, $4.50. 

Vietnamese? Thai? All looks temptingly good! This stall is located at the other corner of the food court and I have yet to try as the queue is always quite long!

Menu 01 – Individual items with Thai or Vietnames Origins

Menu 02 – The various sets that you can opt for.

The one that caught my eye 🙂

Chilli powder, red cut chilli, etc for you to adjust the taste according to your preference

The stall

Top view of my Vietnamese Pork Balls Kway Teow Soup aka Pork Balls Pho. 

You can top up $0.50 to get the beef version.

Beneath the shallots are all kway teow!

There are 8 pork balls, some onions, basil , bean sprouts and lettuce and you squeeze the lime juice to get that additional fragrance.  The portion is way too generous and I just cannot finish it but the soup was pretty yummy that I slurped almost all up! 😛

Next round I will be giving the thai cuisine a try 😛

Koufu Pte Ltd
Thai.Viet Cuisine
100 Tras Street
Singapore 079027
Opening Hours: 10am – 10pm

Photos taken with Iphone6

  1. Lynn

    What is the stall Number ?

    • slowchomp

      Hi Lynn, let me check out for you tomorrow! In case I can’t go there tmr, the stall is near the entrance beside the laundry shop.

      • slowchomp

        Hi Lynn, there is no stall number. The stall name is “Thai.Viet Cuisine”. You can see many steamboats pots at its stall too. 🙂 hope that helps. 🙂

  2. slowchomp

    This stall has closed

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