Two Wings @ Salute Coffeeshop, Bukit Merah

The chicken wings we had at Salute Coffeeshop from Two Wings stall!

Tucked at one corner of the coffeeshop between 2 pillars, its location did not affect its popularity among the diners!

Basically you order and pay at the stall and the owner will get your HP number so that they will inform you via SMS once your order is ready.

Two Wings Menu that was placed on the table along with some menu from the rest of the stalls.

There are set meals, Combo meals, sides, finger food, soups and ala carte items that you can choose from.

So many items that I wanted to try but since PB already had his eyes on a big fat pork knuckle from Stew Kuche, I had to control myself and limit to small items from the chef’s recommendation.

Since this is a chicken wings stall, of course must try the Flying Signature Chicken Wings right?

The SMS that was sent to my phone from the ordering system when my order was ready.

If I am not wrong, providing your HP is the only way to be informed when your order is ready. With PDPA, I think Two Wings may need to look into other alternative as some customers may not be so comfortable in giving out HP numbers although this technology does help to reduce the cost of manpower.

The 4 pieces of Chicken Wings, $8.50. 

I found it a tad expensive at $2.125 but each chicken wing was perfectly fried, juicy and crispy and definitely worth trying!

The bucket of Sweet Potato Fries, $5, that I cannot resist ordering!

Close up of the sweet potato fries.

Every strand tasted meaty and good! Even my baby nephew loves it!

To be able to dine here, please make a reservation or come at old hours to be able to get a seat to taste the awesome food! Great place to chill with friends with nice cold beer and deep fried food but be prepared to sweat it out as it can get quite hot in SG and there is no air-con at Salute Coffeeshop! Also, prepare sufficient cash for your pig-out as most establishment are still CASH ONLY. 😛

Two Wings
Salute Coffeeshop
Blk 119 Bukit Merah Lane 1,
Singapore 151119
Tel: 96670368
Opening Hours: Tuesday – Sunday: Lunch: 12pm -3pm, Dinner: 6pm – 10pm


Photos taken with Iphone4S and Iphone6+

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