Two Wings @ Essen @Pinnacle @Duxton

Finally going to Essen @Pinnacle @Duxton to try out Two Wings for lunch!

Essen @Pinnacle is located at the famous Pinnacle@Duxton BTO where the old food court was. It is just a few minutes walk from the famous Tanjong Pagar Food Centre but is just outside of the CDB area right beside Yan Kit road and I guess you can park at the HDB blocks’ visitor carpark to visit this place if you drive. If not, it is about 10-15min walk from Tanjong Pagar Mrt.

Entrance of Essen.

The concept is similar to Salute at Bukit Merah where you have a fusion of stalls in a “foodcourt” environment. The very significant difference between Bukit Merah and Essen is Essen has the air-conditioned sitting area (the necessity of urbanites!) whereas Salute does not! 😛

Drawn by the high ceiling and the decor of the drinks stall.

Selling more “upmarket” coffee and tea, there are also home made ice lemon tea, cold drinks, bottled beer, cider, fruit beer or draught beer for your selection. Do not expect to find aunties and uncles serving you at here as it is a pretty hip environment. :p

I like the relax feel of the place and find it a nice place to chill, relax and catch up with friends over finger food and nice cold beer.. 😀

My Latte, $2.40.

Love the cup it is served in! If it was not a working day, I would have ordered the beers to go with the chicken wings that we will be eating!

Panorama view of the interior boosting 6 stalls selling cuisines like western, thai, french, italian, etc

Close up of the Garçons s stall selling French food.

The food at Garçons caught my eye but since our aim here today was for chicken, I will have to KIV it till the next visit!

The Two Wings stall that was really packed with people

The new rice boxes with their chicken ranging from $6.90 to $8.90.  Prices are nett here so it makes splitting the bill much easier.

Finger Friday Special

You get 10% off all finger food (including platter and platter deluxe)

Close up of the menu.

Did not manage to get a good shot as the stall was just too crowded and hence I left the fate of my lunch to my cols 😛


3 sides and a bucket of 10 peices of chicken strips from one family meal

We ended up with 2 sets of Family Meal, $38.90 nett each, that consisted of 16 chicken wings and drumlets, 10 pieces of  chicken strips and choice of 3 sides from the option of french fries, potato wedges, onions rings, chilled mashed potato salad, sweet corn and Japanese Steam rice. 

Chilled Mashed Potato Salad

Onion Rings

Potato wedges

10 pieces of Chicken Strips

Close up of the juicy chicken strips.

Definitely recommended for those who are to lazy or do not want to wrestle with the bones on the chicken wings and drumlets.

16 Pieces of Drumlets from one family meal.

We waited for close to half an hour to get the chicken wings and drumlets after getting our sides so you can be sure that the chicken are pipping hot!

Wings from the other family meal (some of them have taken the chicken so there is less than 16 in this pic)

I had thought that a wing and drum makes one piece but that is counted as 2 pieces here so the portion is really little after the division. 🙁

My 3 pieces of chicken for lunch.

The skin was crispy but all of us agreed that it lacked flavour and was a tad oily.  The wait was a little long and we had to tell people waiting for our tables that we were still waiting for our food after we had polished off the sides. The chicken that I tasted at the Bukit Merah outlet tasted better and I think Two Wings may need to work on it to better cope with the lunch crowd at this outlet.

Two Wings
Essen @ Pinnacle @Duxton
1 Cantonment Road
Singapore 080001
Tel:9667 0368
Openging Hours: 10.30am to 11.00pm daily

Essen @Pinnacle Facebook

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