Two Chefs Eating Place 双厨菜馆@ Commonwealth Crescent

Had this lovely dish for dinner at Two Chefs Eating Place at Commonwealth Crescent!

When PB mentioned Two Chefs, I had thought that it was a western restaurant or something and did not expect that it was actually a zichar place! It is located beside the market and what makes it special is that it is located at one corner of the block with its own extended dining area till right beside the pavement, transporting us back to the 80s as this sort of dining environment is very rare now!

The interior from where I was seated.

The star dish – drunken cockles screaming at me from a newspaper article at the stall 😛 Too bad we are not cockles fan hence did not order the dish.

Menu – Page 1 with fish, prawns, crab, scallop, pork, chicken, beef and deer meat options.

Menu – Page 2 with beancurd, vegetables, soup, rice and noodles, eggs and others option.

Another item that was screaming at us as it appeared on the first and the last page of the menu.

PB’s Ice Lemon Tea, $1.30 (paid separately), that we started our meal with.

Our Carb – Sliced Fish Hor Fun with Bean Sprouts 三捞河粉 (small),$5.50

If I stayed in the west, I would be very happy having this for dinner after work! Love the generous topping of bean sprouts, fresh fish slices and the wok hei hor fun!

This is one dish that we see on almost every table and we checked with the auntie what it was and ordered it instead of the coffee pork rib that PB would have ordered.

Butter Ribs 牛油排骨 (small) , $8

Did some snowflakes fall on the pork ribs? 😛

Close up of the meaty pork ribs coated with the sugary milk butter powder.

A very unique dish that we have not seen at other Zi Char places and is a definitely must eat when you are here! I had not expected the butter to appear in the form of powder here as most would have done it the oil and milk way. Like!

Roast Chicken 烧鸡 (half),$14

This was recommended by the Auntie as this is a special Friday Menu and not available on other days.

Close up of the roasted chicken.

So well roasted that there is literally no fats between the skin and the meat.

Close up of the meat with the salt & spice dip

The breast was still juicy and tender and I had to eat quickly so that PB does not finish my share! No regrets following the Auntie’s recommended to take this over the salted yolk prawns which is available all the time. 😛

Our total bill for the dishes came up to $27.50 nett.

Definitely coming back with a bigger group to try out the other dishes. For those not in the west, they have another outlet at Sin Ming which you can patronise too!

Two Chefs Eating Place 双厨菜馆
Blk 116 Commonwealth Crescent,
Singapore 140116
Tel: 64725361
HP: 94379712
Opening Hours: Lunch: 11.30am – 2.30pm, Dinner: 5pm – 11.30pm

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