Tung Lok XiHé Peking Duck Orchard Central 同乐羲和

Checking out TungLok XiHé Peking Duck 同乐羲和 at Orchard Central before I head to check out Don Don Doki at Basement 1 and 2! I have tried the Peking Duck when they first opened at The Grandstall at Turf Club Road years ago and did not realise that they have opened a restaurant in the heart of Orchard Road! It does made satisying your Peking Duck much easier with this location.  Just locate the cluster of 6 lifts and take a lift to level 7 and you will be sure to see Tung Lok Xi He Peking Duck!

View of the duck roasting in a traditional oven greeted us as we entered the restaurant.

Award and so many ducks on the table.

Table setting.

About Tung Lok XiHé Peking Duck.

Social Combo of Appetisers

Menu – Silver Hill Irish Duck used to make Peking Duck 羲和爱尔兰鸭! Regarded as the “Wagyu of Duck”, this is truly one fat and good duck!

Menu – New dishes

Menu – New dishes and soup

How to savour the XiHe Peking Irish Duck 羲和爱尔兰烤鸭.

Duck Second Ways 

Four options to choose from – Lettuce Wrap, Ginger and Spring Onion, Salt and Pepper and Cereal Oats.

Appetiser – Chilled Chayote with Chef Special Sauce 酱油佛手瓜 $4++.

Interesting appetiser that I only managed to steal a few pieces as PB polishes them off!

Pot of Tea, $2++ per pax.

Our order of Chrysanthemum with Pu-er tea nicely packed in a tea bag soaking in the pot of hot water.

View from where we were seated.

I find the seats too closely placed and it was a little uncomfortable to be sharing the conversations of those beside me. Where groups are boisterous, the noise level can get a bit overwhelming. Also, it is probably the warmest meal I ever had in a restaurant as I do not feel much air-con circulation. For someone who does not sweat but actually sweat while slowly eating a duck, that is really something.

They do have nice view being located this high in the building. Watching the clouds while waiting for my food.

View of Orchard Road deck out in Christmas Deco.

Our 2nd preparation of the duck in Salt and Pepper, $12++

We were asked if it is alright that they served us the 2nd preparation of the duck first as it would be quite a wait before the Peking Duck is ready. I was a little puzzled as I always thought that the duck second way is prepared using the duck whose skin and meat were eaten by us the first round. Apparently not so after I enquired with the staff. Basically to speed things up, they use the duck from another patron to do your duck second way.

Salt and pepper is a good option for peeps who have ice cool beer to slowly munch on the remaining meat on the bone and chit-chat with your friends. To others, it may be a hassle to eat as the effort may not be really worth it although I still find that it is a worthy snacky food. 😛

Bowl of soup that I just had to order.

Hot and Sour Chrysanthemum Toufu Soup, $8++

Excellent knife skills by the chef to cut the silky toufu into such thin strips that it resembles a chrysanthemum! I wonder how many years of practise that takes!

*Post update:Understand that there are commercial tools available to cut the toufu.. wow! Definitely makes a banquet worthy dish much more within reach! :p

Side view of how the toufu holds the shape. There is about 1cm of the toufu block left uncut.

The eight treasures platter for our Peking Duck!

A steaming hot tray which is used to keep the plates of duck warm.

The popping candy which was poured over some sugar while waiting for our duck to be cut.

The homemade mustard sauce for dipping the duck breast.

Sliced cucumber that you can wrap with your duck thigh or good on its own to cut the greasiness.

The wheat wrap served in a bamboo basket.

Black Bean Sauce and leeks on both sides.

When you hear a loud gong, it means that a Peking duck is freshly out from the oven. Watch out for it as the chef pushes the glistening duck to a space near your table (if that is your duck) and proceeds to deftly slice it.

Watch the chef cut up the duck.

He makes cutting the different parts looks so easy! Tender duck breast nicely chopped into bite size portion.

First up –  The popping effect duck’s skin.

Dip the duck skin into the special blueberry sauce then the popping candy to feel the pop in your mouth. Have to eat it hot and while the popping candy is freshly out from the pack. Ours have been in contact with the air for too and hence, only managed a bit of the popping effect.

Close up of the pretty duck face and its skin.

2nd up – The Most Tender Meat – Duck Breast!

Dip it with the homemade mustard sauce for additional flavour or good on its own. The meat is really tender and juicy and the skin/fats so crispy!

3rd up – The Most Fragrant Meat – Duck Thigh!

Fats interlace with the meat. OMG..

Our XiHe Peking Irish Duck 羲和爱尔兰烤鸭, $66++

Wrapping the duck thigh into the wheat wrap with some cucumber, leeks and black bean sauce.

Rolling it up whichever way you like.

Peek of the ingredients in my wrap. Watch out for juice dripping out from the other end if you did not close the wrap like me. 😛

Juice/fats left behind by the thigh… @@

Our bill of $110.65 (after 10% service charge and 7% GST) for the night for two tea, one appetiser, one soup and one duck done 2 ways.

Pretty pricey meal but for the wagyu of duck, this should be expected just like how you will have to pay premium for wagyu beef. 😛 Food quality is there but service needs improvement as you don’t get service when you need it and get it when you don’t need it which can get a bit irritating. Spacing between tables and air-flow needs to be improved especially for those “out-door tables”.

Taking a peek at the oven of ducks before leaving….

TungLok XiHé Peking Duck Orchard Central 同乐羲和
181 Orchard Rd, 07-07/08/09, Singapore 238896
Opening Hours:
Lunch: 11.30am – 3pm
Dinner: 6–10.30pm
Tel: 67360006
Website: http://www.tunglok-xihe.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TungLokGroup

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