Travel Food

Have not had the chance to preview the food photos I took from my trip to London as they are still sitting in a laptop in London. Will definitely try to do a review as soon as I get hold of them. Do not set your expectation too high as it is really a little bit expensive to be dining out in London everyday (although the exchange rate is so much better than when I went 4 years ago, it’s about 2.1 Sgd to 1 pound now) so the most economical thing to do is to cook the food yourself. So for my stay in London, I had home-cooked food most of the time – Something cheap, good and healthy! 🙂

Browsing through my blog post, I have been very behind schedule in what I had set out to do. With only 4 months left to the end of 2010, I really have to work hard to win my bet of getting at least 60 posts up 😛

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