Traditional Hakka Rice 河婆客家擂茶@ Tanjong Pagar Market

Another favourite at the Tanjong Pagar Market and I am really glad that the Traditional Hakka Rice is back in business after the food center has been renovated. More people can get to taste this traditional food and despite it being very labour intensive, the price of the food did not go up very much.

Steaming ingredients at the stall.

I was very lucky as the queue was not too long when I went. Had I hesitated any longer, I may need to wait longer for my food as a long queue form after me. 

Had wanted to take a picture of the “tea” but got “blocked” by Auntie! LOL.. Can’t help but notice how perfect her complexion is! Is it because of the healthy food from this stall??

Freshly blended “tea” for the rice. Instead of grinding by hand, it is replaced by a blender.

My Hakka Rice with Bittergourd Egg, ($3.50+$0.8). The egg looks so pretty that it is hard to resist adding it to my meal 😛

Taking away the egg to reveal all the ingredients that makes up my Hakka Rice. It is loaded with so much ingredients that you cannot even see the rice.  😀 To name a few, we have minced shrimps, finely chopped long beans, cabbage, beancurd, peanuts, etc

Close up of the well blended tea that you can drink on its own or pour over your rice.

If you leave it for a while, it will start to separate.

Digging into the bowl to reveal my rice. The ingredients are savoury enough to be eaten with the plain white rice. You can opt for the healthier brown rice by adding another 50 cents 😉

Another way of eating it is to pour the “tea” into the rice as if you are eating porridge. I prefer to eat it separately as the chopped vegetables will be infused with the “tea” and lose it savouriness. Also, the flavour of the tea/soup becomes stronger and lose it mintiness. Whichever way you choose, this is one very healthy yet balanced meal that those who are watching their weight can definitely opt for 😛

Traditional Hakka Rice 河婆客家擂茶
Blk 6 Tanjong Pagar Plaza Market and Food Center

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