Tonkotsu King @ Orchid Hotel, revisited

I am back at Tonkotsu King  in less than 2 weeks! I had not expected myself to revisit it so soon because of the never-ending queue.. 😛  This time round, I am back for dinner and since I had to wait for a friend, I thought that I might as well use the time to queue and the timing should just be about right when he arrives.

I have heard that the waiting time is about 20-30 minutes on average for dinner. I waited about 25 minutes before it was finally my turn enter the restaurant. However, as my dinning companion has not arrived, customers behind me were given priority and I ending up waiting an additional 10 minutes before stepping in.

We were given a seat at the counter,  just beside the cooking area where you can see the chef in action. See the meat in the center of the picture? I had previously thought that it was done by a machine but I am sooo wrong! Each piece is sliced by hand by the chef! Great knife skills!

 Our Ramen was served almost immediately as the waitress had taken our order before hand. This is my companion’s order of Tonkotsu Ramen Special, $14.80 with includes all the topping available, that is, Japanese seaweed, flavoured eggs and additional meat.

My order of Black Spicy Tonkotsu Ramen, $11.80, with addition of Japanese Seaweed ($1)  and Flavoured Egg ($2),  as I did not want additional meat which comes with the order of the  Black Spicy Tonkotus Ramen Special (all toppings), $15.80.

Top view of my mixed Black Spicy Tonkotsu Ramen. I opted for normal noodle texture, normal taste of the soup and less oil but I found it a little too oily this time round. Maybe they can let us have a no oil option?  😉

I find this Black Spicy Tonkotsu Ramen very very fragrant.  Not too sure what spices are used to make the black spicy sauce but I like so much better than the Red Spicy one. The spiciness is subtle and it kinds of warm up your body from inside. Perfect for a cold night 😉

I decided to add on the flavoured egg  which cost an additional $2 this time round and I must say that I did not regret the decision! The egg was cooked perfectly, the yolk was gluey and egg white so soft and flavorsome that it was gone in seconds! Would have ordered a few more if it was not so pricely. 😉

I peeled a free low cholesterol egg to curb my craving but was pretty disappointed after having tried the flavoured one. 😛

The free beansprouts that I helped myself to. Love the refreshing feel after gulping all the noodles and soup. 🙂

Something new that was introduced after my last visit. They now have a kid’s meal that comes with a drink at a lower price. Introduced probably due to demand from parents who dine with their kids who find it insufficient to share the normal portion with the kids and too wasteful to order one portion for them.

To see the full menu, you can refer to my previous post here 🙂

Photos Taken with Iphone4S

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