Tokyo Banana – The Strawberry Cake from Ginza (new)

 Strawberry Cake from Ginza that I bought from my 2nd Japan trip!

The nicely wrapped box of 8 pieces of strawberry cake costing JPY1,000 at the airport.

Back of the box

The expiry dates are really short so do consume as soon as you can to retain the freshness.

Unwrapping the wrapper to reveal another box inside.

Ta-da! The alluring Strawberry Cake from Ginza!

They have been given a make-over from the ones I was given previously (see post here) which was why I could not recognise them when I saw them at the airport.

Note in the box written in Japanese

The very cute and sweet cake made to resemble a strawberry in its individual packaging

Side view of the cake.

So kawaii right??

Another view. Just too cute to be eaten!

Strawberry cream nestled within a milk cream layer encased in an airy and moist sponge cake. Yumz!

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