Tokyo Banana – Kamakura Matcha Cake

A new product by the peeps behind Tokyo Banana and we could not resist buying it since this trip is pretty much matcha madness and what better way to end it than with some Kamakura Guro – Oh! Matcha Cake? 🙂 Grabbed it at Narita Airport on our departure for JPY1,000.

Side of the packaging

Back of Packaging (everything in Japanese) showing the ingredients used to make the cake, care instructions, content,etc

Unwrapping the paper wrapping to see another green box with the Rabbit in Kimono printed on it too!

There are 8 Matcha cakes in the box, individually wrapped and so pretty looking!


Leaflet in the box showing the other products available. So gonna try it next time!

The Kamakura Matcha Cake “Oh! Matcha” leaftlet introducing the fluffy matcha with azuki beans cake, at least, that was what I interpreted based on the drawings since I cannot read Japanese. 😛

Address – in Japanese as well with a link to their Website 

Unwrapping the cake and you get a cute imprint of the rabbit on the cake. So kawaii!

Side view of the fluffy cake.

Can’t wait to bite into it!

The green tea (aka matcha) cream is sooooooooooo fragrant! I seriously wonder how they did it! Love this more than the Tokyo Banana series. My only wish was that the azuki beans was not so melty though! Hahah.. If you want to see more of the cake, go to their website

This is definitely a good souvenir to bring back from Japan for your friends who love matcha and it is something new and different from the usual souvenirs like tokyo banana, kit-kat or pocky snacks. If you cannot wait to lay your hands on it, you can try getting them from ShiokJapan. For more info on the cakes, click here

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