Togi Korean Restaurant @ TripleOne Somerset

My Korean Cuisine craze continues and it was actually a coincident that this place was selected this for a gathering as my friend loves korean food very much. Since the rest have no objections, off we go to checkout the place that she recommended.

Togi has 2 outlets and we headed to the one at TripleOne Somerset due to its central location. Just alight at Somerset Mrt station and walk towards TripleOne Somerset, head to the 2nd level and you can see Togi from the escalator.

Banner outside the restaurant

The restaurant was quite full and we were glad to have made a reservation.

The cover of the Menu

BBQ Menu – You can choose from beef, pork, chicken, squid or smoke duck.

Soup, pancake and rice cake menu

Menu for grilled and stir-fried items as well as rice and noodles.

Stew Menu.

Every table seems to have a pot of this and the menu does look pretty enticing. With so much variety, we did not know what to order and hence, left it to the recommender to do the ordering 😛

After placing our orders, we were served these side dishes that were refillable.


Side dish #1: Pickled Cucumber. Sweet, crunchy and refreshing.

Side dish #2: Bean sprouts.  They used the normal bean sprouts here, not the big headed ones used in other korean restaurant. Non pickled and non spicy, an easy to eat side dish.

Side dish #3: Anchovies with peanuts.  Great with a nice cold beer!

Side dish #4: Fish Cake. The fish cake here is quite nice. It is more chinese style, firm, not mushy and spicy like those that I have tasted at other korean restaurants.

Side dish #5: Mashed Potato. Nice.

Side dish #6: Kim Chi. I quite like the kim chi here.

We were also given a small serving of abalone porridge. Nice!

The bean paste, green cut chillies and garlic.

My hot tea.

For refills, you will have to ask the staff for it. A little embarrassing as the cup is quite small and we had to keep asking them for refills.

Food was served very quickly and our table was full in no time.  First came the Spicy Stir-fried Chicken (Dakgalbi Bokkeum), $16.

Close up of the Spicy Stir-fried Chicken.

 It was really a little spicy and I felt that there were not much chicken in it.  Was surprise to see that they have added some rice cake to it.

Next came the BBQ Marinated Pork Belly (Samgyupsal) , $17 with the green vegetable to wrap it.

Close up of the pork belly. It was very nicely BBQ-ed and served so prettily. 🙂

Spicy stir-fried Rice Cake (Ddukbokgi), $12.

I like korean rice cake but this one is really a bit spicy for me! 😛

Glass Noodles with assorted Vegetables (Beef/Pork/Chicken) (Japchae), $15.

Close up of the Japchae.

The glass noodles is thinner than the ones I know, similar to the chinese vermicelli but a bit more chewy.

Kimchi Pancake with Squid (Kim Chi Jeon), $12. 

The kimchi pancake was cut into very small pieces and I felt that it was a little small to be shared between 6 pax 😛 but it was nice nevertheless. 

The star of the night would be this pot of Seafood Stew (Haemul Jeongol), $48.  We were so impressed with the ingredients in it.

The waitress cutting up the HUGE squid once the soup started to boil

The crab in it was also nicely cut up for us so that it is easier to eat.  So thoughtful of them. It was meaty and sweet!

There were so much ingredients in the pot – prawns, mussels, clams, doufu, cabbage, radish etc that we have some difficulty finishing it! You can add on ramen, glass noodles, ham, sausage, rice cake and dumpling if you feel that the ingredients in the pot is not enough to fill you up! I think adding ramen to soak up the soup would be great to get your carb fill but our guys chose the rice ($2 per bowl) instead. 😛 Btw, the soup is refillable. 🙂

Our bills for 6 pax came up to $152.10 (includes 10% service charge and 7% GST) which was pretty decent for the amount of food we had and the location that it is at.  Would be back to try the other grill stuff as that was what I have been eating at the other korean restaurants so that I can better evaluate the place.

Togi Korean Restaurant
111 Somerset Road,
Singapore 238164,
Tel: 67377397
Opening Hours (Daily):
Lunch: 11.30am – 3.00pm,
Dinner: 6pm-9.30pm

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