Tim Ho Wan 添好運@ Great World City

Getting some good luck to end the lunar year of the dog and start the year of the pig and where can you get it better than at Tim Ho Wan 添好運? 😛 Hong Kong’s Most Famous Dim Sum has opened an outlet at level one of the recently renovated Great World City and since it is new and not many people know it is there, we were able to get a seat pretty quickly.

The picturesque menu is enough to lure me in! 😛

Order Chit to place your order while waiting.

Proper menu provided once you are seated – looks equally nice!

Menu – History of Tim Ho Wan and the main attraction (aka “must-eat”) when you are here.

Menu – Steamed Dishes

Menu – Fried/Side Dishes

Menu – Rice Congee and Noodles

Menu – Desserts and Drinks

Special CNY Menu with very prosperous names and ingredients

View of the Kitchen from where we were seated.

This chef worked non-stop cooking the entire duration we were there, manning more than one pot at a time churning out fried rice and noodles.

Part of the interior.

I feel that the chairs are really tiny! Either we have grown really big or that they are replicating the ambience in Hong Kong where the tea houses are really small and squeezy.

Spoons and chopsticks are placed in a drawer built under the table. Clever design that frees up the small table top for dishes! Especially important when Singaporeans like to order a huge variety of food!

Table Setting.

PB’s Hong Kong Style Milk Tea, $3.50++.

My Hot Hong Kong Style Milk Tea, $3.50++. Smooth and nice.

Pork Dumplings in Hot and Spicy sauce 顶级红油抄手(4pcs), $6++

The dumpling is so big and the skin sooooooooo smooth it just slithers down the throat! Be careful not to bite into the cut red chillis in the sauce as they are really spicy!

Deep Fried Milk Custard 脆皮鲜奶卷, $4.50++

Soft milk custard encase in a crispy batter. 2 textures in one mouthful but the batter was too thick for our liking.

Milk Custard without the batter.

Scallop and Chicken Dumplings 白玉金衣带子饺 (3 pcs), $6.50++  from the special Chinese New Year menu.

Close up of the scallops on top of the egg whites. This dish is made to resemble white jade (egg white) in golden robe (skin of the dumpling).

Close up of the ingredients in the dumplings. Nice!

Prawns and Pork Dumplings 鲜虾烧卖皇 (3pcs), $4.80++

This dish is always done perfectly. Succulent prawns and firm juicy pork. Thumbs up.

Cross section of the Siew Mai as we called it.

Star of the restaurant – Baked BBQ Pork Buns 酥皮焗叉烧包 (3pcs), $5.80++.

A little uneven in colour, probably due to the new oven 😛

Tearing open the bun – Crispy, Savoury ,Satisfying.

Close up of the BBQ Pork in the soft yet crispy bun.

Spicy Fried Rice 辣椒皇炒饭, $7.50++ and spicy is it for PB.

There are edamame, Chinese sausage, eggs. etc in the rice.

Crystal Purple Potato Balls合家欢乐庆团圆 , $4.50++ from the CNY menu.

Close up of ingredients in the sweet soup.

Potato balls! There were 4 of them in the bowl.

Breaking apart the ball.

Purple Potatoes mash encased in a transparent, silky smooth, mochi like wrap.

Our $55.55 bill :).

Do note that water is chargeable at $0.60++ per glass. No wet towels provided.

Tim Ho Wan 添好運
1 Kim Seng Promenade, #01-139,
Great World City
Singapore 237994
Tel: 64832000


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