Tian Xiang Ri Ji 天香日记@ Tanjong Pagar Market

Mad dash to Tanjong Pagar Market for lunch today before the lunch crowd builds up!

Decided on this stall for lunch today. Look at the number of people ahead of me when I reached at 12:14pm.

The  tower of vermicelli and fish maw at the stall. As I moved closer to the stall, I saw an article, extracted from Zao Bao, recommending the fish maw soup. It was too late to change my mind as I had already placed my order for seafood soup. Will be back to try it next time.

The chef cooking the soup pot by pot and the trays of orders waiting to be filled . This explains the long queue but it did move quite quickly.  🙂

My order of Seafood Soup with Yam Rice, $3.70.

Close up of the yam rice, $0.70. You can see chunks of yam in the rice.  It was not as savoury today and I had to add some of their homemade chilli to boast the flavour.

My pot of seafood soup. It smells lovely with the shallots oil added and is loaded with so many ingredients! There were prawns, fish, meat, silky toufu, tomato, lettuce, thinly sliced bittergourd and seaweed in it! The soup was sweet and I almost lapped it all up!

Close up of the fresh prawns. They are quite big and for $3, I think it is really value for money for this pot of seafood soup. A healthy and fulfilling meal. Now I understand why the queue is always sooooooo long. 😉

Tian Xiang Ri Ji 天香日记
Blk 6 Tanjong Pagar Plaza #02-27
Tanjong Pagar Market


Photos taken with Iphone4S

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