The Public Izakaya by Hachi 2 大衆酒場 2 @ Icon Village

It is Ramen for lunch today!

Been walking through this new wing at Icon Village everyday and finally, I am heading here during lunch to try the food that caught my eye!

Close up of the ramen available today.

It is Sakutaya Ramen by Yokohama Lekei. Sometimes, there are 2 types of ramen available but today, there is only one.

This is the 2nd outlet of the Public Izakaya as they have another one within a 1 min walk at 100AM. The seating capacity here is larger and in the comfort of aircon whereas 100AM’s outlet is more alfresco dinning with limited seats in the aircon area.

At night, this restaurant is bustling with a lot of Japanese who come to chill after work.

View of part of the interior

For lunch, they offer sets that come with a free serving of the salad bar. The sets are refreshed periodically so that you do not get bored of what is being offered.

What we have today is Sakutaya Ramen, Char Siew Don, Gyu-don, Chicken Katsu Currey, Negitoro Don, Motsu-ni and Yaki Soba. Every item sounds good but since I had my mind set on ramen, Sakutaya Ramen it will be.

Once the orders are placed, we headed to the salad bar.

The tiny bowl for the salad.

There were 6 items available for you to pile into the small bowl 😛

Potato salad and toufu with tomato

I like this 2 items the best – Lotus roots and egg plant! Wish I can have more!

Greens and bean sprouts

How can a salad bar not have greens right? 😛

My tiny bowl piled up high!

Top view of my bowl.. so greedy right? hahaha.. so yummy that I finished everything 😛

Before we could finish the salads, our mains were served. Pic above is my col’s ramen without Spring Onions and in Lighter Soup.

You can opt for additional topping of extra noodle, Char Siew, Seaweed & Ajitama (Shoyu Flavoured Egg) for an additional $2-4.

Another Col’s Sakutaya Ramen with lighter soup and with spring onions.

My Sakutaya Ramen, $17.90++ with Japanese Soup

“Created after completing years of apprenticeship at the famous lekei ramen shop, Rokkakuya, the Sakutaya Ramen is an authentic lekei ramen that reigns supreme. Its pork broth is rich and full of flavour yet light and so simple that you can drink a bowl of it”

How can we missed adding an Ajitama (Shoyu Flavoured Egg),$2.

Digging out the ramen

The ramen was much thicker than I had expected and the portion was huge. I could not finish the ramen but I finished slurping all the soup. 😛 My col had actually wanted to add on more noodles and luckily he didn’t as the portion filled him up properly! It could have been due to the salad starter too!

I added chilli powder to spice up the soup a bit. Like it that it is the real Japanese chilli powder and not some cheapo ones. The Japanese soup which is supposed to be a little more salty tasted just nice to me. My cols who ordered the lighter soup commented that it was a little bland. So if you have “heavy taste buds”, do go for the japanese soup since it is not really that salty.

Another col’s Gyu-Don, $17++

Closed up of the sliced and stewed thin beef brisket with onions on Hokkaido Rice. Looks good!

Another Col’s Chicken Katsu Curry, $16++ – Japanese Curry with Chicken Cutlet on Soft Hokkaido Rice

The portion was big and all who ordered it cannot finish the big chicken cutlet! I got to taste some of it and really like it! So gonna order it the next time I visit!

The lunch and dinner menu is very different as the place transform into a Japanese Bar and Restaurant at night with more grilled food to go with the drinks. If you can coming in big groups, it is recommended to make reservations as the place seems to be always full with big groups of Japanese whenever I walk past it at night. 🙂

The Public Izakaya 2 大衆酒場
16 Enggor Street
Altez (Icon Village)
Singapore 078878
Tel: 6333 9622
Opening Hours: daily – 11am to 10pm

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